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Natural and Healthy Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 7th Mar 2016

Maybe you're a morning person – one of those rare beings who wakes up chipper and full of productivity. Or maybe you're more of a morning hater, and would rather sleep the day away than hop out of b … read more

Geographical Areas and Their Relation to Sleep

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 1st Mar 2016

If you live in Colorado, Minnesota, or South Dakota, we have good news: you're getting more sleep than 70% of the country. Congrats. It's a stat that pays for itself every single day by providing you … read more

Improving Sleep Apnea to help Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by Kate Ambrose on 25th Feb 2016

Sleep Apnea is a medical diagnosis that affects more that 18 million American adults, and is treated by CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. The nightly CPAP therapy is used to combat … read more

Try Our Latest Seat Cushion, the Kabooti Ice!

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 3rd Feb 2016

Great news for frequent sitters and Contour Living fans alike, we have a new product: the Kabooti Ice. With all of our favorite features from the traditional Kabooti Seat Cushion, now comes with th … read more