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We Support You For Life. This is not just our company tagline, but also supports our mission to not only provide quality products, but products that provide comfort and support to help you get the quality of life you deserve. From product ideation, to customer response, we take in every person’s feedback and pain points into consideration in developing the best product on the market. From our inception in 1991, Contour Products has become the brand leader based on these ideologies - comfort is not just an indulgence, it’s a necessity to quality of life.

Contour Living - We Support You For Life

Contour Products emerged in the ergonomic and wellness scene in 1991 as the inventor and creator of the contoured shape bed pillow with their As Seen on TV product the “Original” Contour Pillow. Since then, we have spoken to millions across the world with sleeping pain, seating pain, neck pain, back pain and everything in between. We continue to work for you and serve you our mission to support you for life. Whether we are helping to relieve your Acid Reflux at night, Improve your CPAP Compliance or simply allow you to rest and relax while watching TV, there is a Contour product right for everyone! Don’t go another sleepless night, or sit in pain and discomfort, we would love the ability to help you. We believe in our products, that all purchases made through is covered under a 1 Year Warranty, a 45 Day Comfort Guarantee and FREE SHIPPING. So take a look around, not entirely sold on our product line, talk to one of our Sleep Support Reps to help find the perfect product for you!

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A common cause of snoring is that the tongue falls back into the throat during sleep. This form of snoring only occurs when you sleep on your back. Conversely, this means, you can prevent snoring by sleeping on your side o[...]


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Always wonderful ordering from you. The last 5 items have been fabulous quality and arrived quickly. Thank you!

-Karina M. Oishei