Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge System

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Turn any mattress into an adjustable bed with the Mattress Genie! Now anyone can have the support & comfort of an expensive adjustable bed for a fraction of the cost. This bed wedge pillow is completely adjustable, allowing you to lay flat to an upright seated position (and anywhere in between) with a touch of a button!

Key Benefits of the Mattress Genie
  • Enjoy all the comforts of an adjustable bed
  • Works on any mattress you’re now sleeping on
  • Raises and lifts your mattress with the power of air
  • No heavy, motorized bed frames or mechanisms
  • Includes illuminated easy to use remote control!
  • Ships Free!
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The Ultimate Bed Wedge – Easily Adjusts To Any Position for Relief from Any Condition!

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on an adjustable hospital bed, or struggle with the set-up of a heavy mechanical frame when you can own the Mattress Genie at a fraction of the cost. With the air powered Mattress Genie bed wedge, you can get all the benefits of a therapeutic adjustable bed, with your own mattress. The Mattress Genie is an inflatable wedge pillow that turns any bed into an adjustable bed with a simple touch of a button.

Just like tradition hospital beds or expensive adjustable beds, the Mattress Genie allows users to sleep elevated. Since the Mattress Genie allows you to adjust the incline, the inflatable bed wedge also allows you to find superior comfort for relief from various conditions. The inflatable bed wedge pillow will help those looking to relieve symptoms associated with Digestive or Respiratory conditions, pain, pregnancy, post-surgery comfort, assistance in getting in and out of bed or simply for relaxation.

Benefits of the Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge

  • No Expensive, Heavy Equipment to Buy – Simply use with your own mattress. Works on ANY mattress no matter brand, type or bed base you have
  • Raise & Lower The Head Of Your Mattress – Find a comfortable sleeping position anywhere between 0 – 45 degrees. Perfect for raising your mattress to help relieve conditions associated with Acid Reflux, Sciatica, Back Support, Nursing or Relaxing
  • Multi-Functional Support – While awake, use the Genie wedge fully upright to find comfort while reading in bed, watching television, eating breakfast or to assist getting out of bed.
  • Quick Inflation – Wedge fully inflates by hand-held remote in less than 1 minutes!
  • New Motor & Bladder Construction – Reinforced for durability, commercial strength construction for everyday use. Enhanced textured canvas feel surface provides durability and provides the wedge with anti-slide qualities.
  • Perfect Alternative For Travel – Portable bed wedge solution for travel. Takes up a small amount of space in luggage or suitcase
  • Buy With Confidence – We are the manufacturer – all Contour Living purchases include 1 FULL year warranty, and covered under our 45 Day Comfort Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your new Mattress Genie, you can return it for a FULL product refund.

Hassle Free Set Up In Under 3 Minutes!

Mattress Genie is easy to set up in minutes!

The great thing about the Mattress Genie, is there are no heavy frames or mattress or tools required in order to sleep on an incline. The Genie is made up of 3 primary components;

  • Reinforced, Commercial Strength Air Bladder – Constructed of reinforced, heavy duty canvas brushed fabric - blue inflatable wedge. Durable construction can hold up to 1000lbs. This provides not only a long lasting, durable adjustable wedge solution, but also a comfortable sleeping surface for those who wish to use their bladder on top of their bed.
  • Ergonomic Handheld Remote – One touch, illuminated remote control means anyone can adjust the head of the bed easily – even in the middle of the night!
  • AC Powered, UL Certified Motored – High powered air intake motor inflates the Mattress Genie air bladder wedge to full inflation of 40 degrees in less than a minute!

To set up your Mattress Genie, simply slide the air bladder in between your Mattress and box spring (or foundation). Attach the hose from the Mattress Genie wedge to the motor. Once you plug the motor in to a wall outlet, all you need to do is flip the switch on the motor, and you are ready to adjust your bed!

A common myth about our Mattress Genie is that you need a head board and footboard, which is not true. The way the Mattress Genie was designed, along with the natural flexibility of your mattress, gently elevates the head of your mattress.

Alternatively, the Mattress Genie may be set up on top of your mattress, although for optimal comfort and support, we recommend setting up underneath your mattress. We have many customers also user the Genie bed on top of their mattress to elevate their legs as well.

The Mattress Genie Story

First launched in 2003, the Mattress Genie was an innovative idea from Contour Products CEO, who at the time was working as an engineer for a brand name adjustable bed manufacturer. With the understanding of the importance of elevated sleeping, the Mattress Genie was born. As a more affordable solution to expensive adjustable beds, the Mattress Genie has sold millions of units worldwide since its introduction.

“Consumers wanting the elevated support of a mechanical adjustable bed can’t always justify, or even afford the average cost. The Mattress Genie provides a much less expensive solution for addressing the same health and comfort needs a mechanical bed is designed to do.” – Scott Davis, President and Founder of Contour Products.

The Mattress Genie bed wedge has been featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America. Sold World Wide for more than 15 Years!

Designed for Comfort, Developed for Durability

At Contour, we understand that many of our products serve an important purpose when it comes to nighttime comfort and support. Your comfort and quality of life is just as important to us as it is to you.

While there may be hesitation in buying an inflatable bed wedge, rest assured that the Mattress Genie has undergone various performance tests to ensure quality performance.

The Genie is sampled from the production line and undergoes an underwater test to ensure each seal and connection is air tight. We want to ensure the durability of each unit sold helps each and every one of our customers.


Helping Users With Various Conditions

The Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge provide support and comfort for users who suffer from various health conditions. While the Mattress Genie is not the cure all for those conditions, it does provide continuous comfort for its users.

Provides Comfort For:

  • Digestive Problems - Acid Reflux, GERD, Hiatal Hernia, Heartburn

    If you have ever dealt with any sort of indigestion, you know sleeping becomes a harsh task to tackle. According to WebMD, it is recommended to sleep with your upper body elevated at least 6 – 10 inches high. This is because when you suffer with Acid Reflux or GERD your stomach and your esophagus are level which allows the stomach acids to escape into you esophagus. Using a bed wedge for Acid Reflux will allow natural gravity to come into play and help keep your acid in your stomach versus your esophagus.

  • Respiratory Issues - Sleep Apnea, COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma

    For those who have trouble breathing, the Cleveland Clinic recommends sleeping with your head elevated and knees elevated (sounds a bit like our BackMax Body Wedge Cushion). By sleeping elevated, it promote your airways to stay opened allowing you to breathe better.

  • Intracranial Pressure - Mirgranes, Cold & Flu, Sinus & Allgergies, Glaucoma, Infections, Brain Injury

    The Mattress Genie also has the ability to decrease cranial pressure associated with a wide variety of conditions from cold & flu symptoms to more serious ailments such as Glaucoma, Vertigo etc. Studies have shown that elevating the head from 15 to 30 degrees promotes a lower pressure rating than that of lying flat.

  • Snoring

    Don’t be embarrassed, snoring is prevalent in 45% of normal adults – at least occasionally. When we lay on our backs our tongue and palate collapse to the back of our throats – which cause the melodic snoring sound. The program director at Sleep Medicine at JFK Medical Center, Dr. Chokroverty notes that sleeping elevated may help prevent snoring. Sleeping elevated allows our nasal passages to remain open through the night as our heads are typical raised back versus forward collapsing our passages.

  • Sciatica

    Usually caused by when pressure is placed on one or more lumbar nerve roots, those who suffer with Sciatica may agree that it is tough to sleep at night in a comfortable position. By reducing pressure, as many side sleepers who suffer from Sciatica have found a Contour Leg Pillow has proven successfully in keeping their body aligned. For back sleepers however, while sleeping flat would seem like the most viable solution, by sleeping elevated it reduces pressure on your back (and lumbar region).

  • General Back Support - Ease of Getting Out of Bed, Relaxing in Bed, Eating in bed, Pregnancy or Nursing

    Whether you are, relaxing and lounging, watching TV in bed, or looking for something that will help you get in and out of bed due to health conditions the Mattress Genie gives you the comfort and support you need to manage your lifestyle activities.

  • Post Surgery Comfort - Shoulder Surgery, Back Surgery, Thyroid Surgery,Cosmetic Surgery (face-lift, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck etc.)

    Most people who undergo surgery often find the only place they can get comfortable in their recliner. This is a recommended method from the doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital as it helps reduce swelling which then reduces the risk of increased pain.


Bed The Mattress Genie Works With

The unique yet simplistic design of the Mattress Genie bed wedge allows it to be one of the most powerful alternative solutions for adjustable beds. Instead of spending thousands on an expensive adjustable bed frame, the Mattress Genie will work with most any mattress or bed models.

The Mattress Genie bed wedge works with the following types of mattresses:

  • Inner Spring Mattress
  • Coil Spring Mattress
  • Foam Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Latex Mattress
  • Pillow Top Mattress
  • Air Mattress
  • Futon

Due to mattresses being flexible, you do not have to worry about the Mattress Genie ruining your mattress no matter how thick or heavy your mattress may be.

Aside from mattresses, the Mattress Genie will basically work with any mattress foundation as long as it has a smooth flat surface to rest on. Ultimately the flat surface offers resistant stability to prevent your Genie from sliding around on you.

The Mattress Genie will work with these types of bed bases:

  • Box Spring Base
  • Platform/Foundation Base
  • Adjustable Base
  • No base, just floor

What beds does the Mattress Genie NOT work with?

The only mattress we are aware of it not working with are water beds due to instability of the water in the bladder of the bed.


Set up your Mattress Genie in less than 3 minutes!

The Mattress Genie is very simple to install, and doesn’t require any tools or heavy lifting. Simply slide your mattress down from the head of your bed and lay the air bladder unit on top of your box spring (or other foundation) and roll it out to span the width of your bed.

Remove the motor from the box and place it either next to your bed or underneath your frame or nightstand. Then all you have to do is take the hose (that is attached to your air bladder) and attach it to the motor.

Once you plug your motor into your designated outlet, all you have to do is flip the switch on the motor (I/O switch – I is on), and simply press the up button on your remote to inflate the unit.


If you have any questions please call us directly at 800-950-0230!

  • Is there a warranty?

    The Mattress Genie is covered by our Contour Customer Care 1 Year Warranty. If anything happens to your Genie, we will take care of that for you.

  • Can I return the Mattress Genie bed wedge if I dont like it?

    If you don't like the Genie, and wish to return it, you have up to 45 Days to send it back under our 45 Day Comfort Guarantee.

  • Will the Mattress Genie ruin my mattress

    Due to mattress being flexible naturally, the Mattress Genie will not ruin are cause any defects to your mattress, no matter what type of mattress you may have.

  • Does the Mattress Genie work with sleep number beds?

    The Mattress Genie does work with Sleep Number beds as it is designed to withstand 1000lbs of pressure.

  • Where can I find this locally to see it for myself?

    The Mattress Genie may be available at a local medical supply store, but retailers do not typically set these up in their showrooms/storefronts due to the room it would take up. Please note, that we do accept returns on any of our items purchased through our website, as these are personal products, many third party retailers do not accept returns.

  • Can I use the Genie to elevate the foot of my bed?

    Yes. Some customers have used the Genie to elevated the foot of their mattress instead of the head of the bed. We also have had customers order one for the head, and one for the foot of the bed as well.

  • Can I use this product overseas?

    The Mattress Genie may be used for international travel, however, you will need to purchase a voltage converter at your local hardware store. Due to voltage difference between USA and many other overseas countries, if you do not use a converter, it may blow your motor.

  • Can I use this to elevate just my side of the bed?

    The Mattress Genie was designed to span the width of your bed, it is not recommended to use to only elevate one side as that may cause your bed to wobble. However, if you have a split mattress, then yes, you can use the Twin to elevate just the side of your bed


108 Reviews

  • 5
    Useful After Surgery Product

    Posted by Amazon Customer on 19th Feb 2019

    I purchased this for my brother in law after heart surgery. He found it very useful in resting in bed and getting himself out of bed. Much easier and practical than a hospital bed for our needs. Best bed wedge we researched.

  • 5
    Simply LOVE IT!

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 19th Feb 2019

    I have had my mattress genie for 5 days now and I simply love it! Wow, the comfort is unbelievable! I fell and fractured a rib on my right side a month ago. I had been sleeping in my recliner and decided to look into buying an adjustable bed. I was lucky to find the mattress genie" when I was searching for an adjustable bed. I am so thankful I ordered it! I have not slept in my recliner since I had the mattress genie. The very first night I slept on it, I slept for 8 hours. I was so amazed when I woke up and saw that I had slept for such a long time. For the price of it and also receiving the free knee wedge, it is unbelievable. Te knee wedge is so nice also! I highly recommend the mattress genie if you don't won't to spend a ridiculous price for an adjustable bed. Now I am getting ready to ready to order the "Free" massage system that is offered when purchasing a mattress genie. You cannot beat the comfort and relaxation and the price is a good price. It also has light on the motor and hand control; very nice! I don't have to use my night light in my bedroom because the light from the hand control and motor is sufficient for the room. One other thing, the noise from the motor is not too loud. Of course it is going to have a noise but it is not bothersome at all. Plus when it is deflated, there is not any noise, it is very, very quiet. I love sitting up in bed watching T.V. This is a Great price for the comfort and relaxation! Buy it, you'll love it also!

  • 5
    Everything Your Say It Is

    Posted by Linda on 19th Feb 2019

    This product is everything you say. I did have a full size electric adjustable bed. This works every bit as well for what I need. I got rid of the bed because I moved. It was so heavy it was just easier to give it away and not bother to move it or pay.

  • 3
    Good, but you know what would make it better...

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 19th Feb 2019

    I received the mattress genie yesterday and but it on our king size bed, the only thing I do not like about our mattress genie is it doesn’t have a two sided air pressure control. I’m About three times bigger than my wife and if I want to raise my side up say six inches, her side will be raised to about fourteen inches, which will almost make her air sick. To Contour I would love to see a two station mattress genie, so you could control the air Pressure on both side of the wedge separately. We do like the mattress genie, as long as The wife can make a safe landing in the morning.

  • 5
    Took A Chance, and it WORKED!

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 19th Feb 2019

    I have a 10 year old queen mattress set, and have been debating if its time to replace it as I have been having trouble sleeping. I read online that lifting your head helps mild sleep problems due to age and weight. I priced both high quality new mattresses and electronic beds, and suffered from sticker shock. Looking for an alternative, I found the genie bed lift. I was skeptical, there being some great reviews and a few poor ones, but for $150 it was a chance I decided to take if I could save on getting a new mattress or bed system. The item arrived and the parts looked new and solidly made. Assembly was just snapping the hose on to the pump. I shifted my top mattress pad on my own, put the bladder in place and fully inflated and deflated it a couple of times to test it out. It was pretty much the same labor as when I rotate my mattress, so if you can do that on your own you can certainly put the genie into place on your own too, otherwise it takes two people to move a mattress. All seemed well, no surprises or complaints. Finally I deflated it, put my top mattress back in place, and inflated the genie with me on the bed. It only took two minutes to inflate to a level high enough to sit mostly upright. The noise for the two minutes was virtually identical to a regular vacuum cleaner. Of course there is no noise otherwise, even when deflating it. The pump does not need to run once the genie is inflated to the level you want. The pump is not automatic, so doesnt run unless you press the inflate button. You can control the amount of inflation to get the exact level of lift you like, and if you go too high, you can choose to deflate it a little at a time, or choose ""flat"" which deflates the whole thing with one push of the button. Everything worked exactly as described. I played with the level of lift until I got the head of my mattress to a level comfortable for sleep. My mid level mattress bends exactly as the instructions said. The genie stayed inflated all night. The remote is simple with lit buttons, easy to use. The cord to the remote is long enough that I can keep the pump on the opposite side of the bed from where I want to leave the remote, so easily longer than the width of a queen bed. The power cord is plenty long enough that I didnt need an extension cord. The pump, although a little heavy, is small enough to tuck under my nightstand or the bed, well out of sight. Some people mentioned in reviews that it works better if you sleep in the middle of the bed, but I have no problem with it with me sleeping on one side. I cant speak to if two people are in the same bed. As far as sleeping better, that seems to work, although I have only had it on my bed a few nights. However, since it worked exactly as described I wanted to add my positive feedback. I am fully satisfied that I got a good product that is well designed, does what is described, and appears to be well made. I got a great price here too, plus free shipping. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I would definitely buy this again, and might, if I want to put a second one under the foot of my mattress to lift both my head and my feet independently just like an electronic bed for the fraction of the price.

  • 5
    Saved My Esophagus

    Posted by Marcia on 19th Feb 2019

    I have never yet rated a product, so this is a first, but the Mattress Genie has basically saved my esophagus, and deserves to be talked about. I was suffering from a serious problem where part of my stomach was caught up in the chest area, instead of abdomen - which caused MAJOR acid reflux. The problem was so bad I tried many different prescription medications to stop most stomach acid production, but that gave me digestive problems later down the line. If a doc tells you there is no difference in your digestion with an acid blocker, as compared to without one, don't believe them. If I didn't take the acid blocker, I developed a feeling of OBSTRUCTION when swallowing - it was terrifying, I would actually jump up and down in my kitchen when food got stuck in my esophagus, trying to help move it with gravity. Couldn't help feeling it might close off my air supply, or what if I threw up, and it couldn't get past the obstruction and choked me to death? These where very real thoughts for me, and I surely didn't need all that adrenaline pumping into my system all those times food got stuck on the way down. I couldn't help the feeling of panic when that happened. How are you supposed to live if you're afraid to eat? I'm writing this message to give the highest rating to the Mattress Genie for taking that constant fear away from me. No more prescriptions, no more panic. I just raise my bed's Mattress Genie 4-6 inches, and my problems have mostly vanished. I still have the Hiatal Hernia, still have to watch about bending over too soon after eating (couldn't sell shoes for a living, for instance), and when having dentistry done always warn the dentist of my problem and be sure he tilts me up a little, rather than back, keeping the acid from leaking back up my throat. I recommend this product highly, as without it I could only have gotten this kind of relief from buying an expensive and heavy electric bed, which was not within my budget. And I sure wouldn't have put out that kind of money beforehand, not knowing if it would even help. The only negative I can think of when using the Mattress Genie is that when raising the head of the bed up you hear the sound of the pump, which is no louder than a quiet vacuum cleaner, but if you have a light sleeper in the bed with you it's better to raise the head before they go to sleep rather than chancing waking them up. Often later in the night when everything's digested and there's no acid coming up, I push the Mattress Genie's Down button, and gratefully it makes no sound at all when the air gets let out, so it can't wake my partner. A very large Thank You to whoever came up with this brilliant concept - you have saved my esophagus!

  • 5
    Wonderful Night

    Posted by Steven on 19th Feb 2019

    When I ordered the mattress genie I had my doubts. I was proven wrong, money well invested! I can now sleep at night.

    Thank you!!!!!

  • 3
    Just not quite right for me!

    Posted by Kevin on 19th Feb 2019

    I have been sleeping on my left side for 11 years due to a back fusion surgery. The pain wakes me at night at which point I sleep sitting up the rest of the nigh. Then I got a CPAP to top it off so thought this was the answer. Problem: Do not get the thin one unless you are a really small person. Unfortunately my pain comes from laying down for too long and "sitting" for too long so I rid myself of one pain and simply replace it with another. I have to return it and just deal with it.

  • 4
    Great Warranty Service

    Posted by Lora on 19th Feb 2019

    Unfortunately got a defective unit, started deflating about a month after purchase. First time ever contacting a company for warranty service, but found it to be excellent. I was sent a replacement that works perfectly. Thank you so much

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King: 21 x 72x 16
Electrical Specifications:
120 Volts, 60 Hertz, 1.6 Amps, 192 Watts
Elevation Height:
0" - 26", variable
Bladder, Pump w/ Remote Control
Return Policy:
45 Day Comfort Guarantee
1 Year Manufacture Warranty
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Wedge Height:
Adjustable from 0 to 26 inches
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