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Help Pregnancy Pains with This Product

Help Pregnancy Pains with This Product

Bethaney on 18th Sep 2023

Pregnancy can make sleeping uncomfortable and difficult for a variety of reasons. Many women find it difficult to sleep or get comfortable because of the added weight, as well as other symptoms that are putting pressure on their bodies.

The BackMax Foam Bed Wedge Body Cushion can help with all of this. It comes in three pieces that can be used altogether, or it can be detached and used separately. The comfortable foam helps alleviate pressure points that might be causing stress on the body.

Pregnancy can cause a lot of back pain with the added weight. Many women find it difficult to sleep because of this. Sleeping elevated helps reduce the amount of pressure you are putting on your body. That in turn means less pain in your back.

One reviewer shared her experience with back pain and how this product helped her.

“I'm not kidding! If you're on the fence, let this review be the nudge you need to purchase it. I've had persistent back pain for several months. And, after two consecutive nights of sleeping on the wedge, I no longer wake up in pain. I'm able to stand up immediately and get moving. I'm blown away. It's not a total solution for me. I intend to purchase an adjustable bed. But it's the perfect interim step while I save for the bed I plan to purchase. So, don't hesitate. Click buy right now! Seriously, it made such a big impact on my life!”

“Very versatile product due to the many arrangement options it offers plus the possibility of carrying it around to where you need it. I have really felt relief for chronic lumbar pain with the “zero gravity” arrangement. Very satisfied,” shared another customer.

Not only does the foam in this pillow help potential back pain, but the elevation can also help with heartburn. Elevating the head and body can reduce symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, studies have found, both of which are common pregnancy symptoms. It does this by raising the esophagus above the stomach.

The pillow doesn’t have to be used during pregnancy only. It also is useful for nursing. With all of its versatility and the many benefits that it offers to pregnant women, as well as those struggling with back pain, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular pillows on the website.

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