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Sleep on Your Stomach with Contour Living's New Pillow!

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For every time you tried sleeping on your stomach but couldn't quite get comfortable, comes justice. A brand new pillow that will allow you to completely relax while face down ... just like you always wanted to, but just couldn't make work without having to readjust. But now, all-night stomach sleeping isn't just a lofty dream, it's a very reachable goal. One that only requires a single pillow. And with the ability to obtain some much-needed rest, without sacrificing on position, it's a product that we've been waiting for years.

Known as the Stomach Sleeper Pillow, it's also our latest Contour product, as well as an up-and-coming favorite. With a unique design and the ability to adjust as needed, depending on your personal preferences, it's a single pillow that can adapt and provide. Now matter how you prefer to sleep upon your stomach.

Just how does this dream pillow work? By being extremely versatile.

Each pillow comes in a butterfly shape, which allows breathing room for the head, no matter which way you choose to turn. Place your face to the right or left, while still being able to breathe comfortably. Specialized cutouts make this possible, while still providing you with plenty of head and chin support so you can sleep soundly, and without losing your pillow.

The model also has a breathable mesh center so, if desired, you can actually sleep face down. While this isn't as common as those who sleep on their stomach as a whole, there are still those who would rather put their nose in the mattress. Sure it's a practice that hasn't always been considered safe, but the Stomach Sleeper Pillow allows a breathable center, so you can place your face deep down, but without worrying about cutting off your air circulation in doing so.

Next, use the pillow for chest support when sleeping stomach down. Place your arms on either side of the cutouts to gain support on a lower portion of the body. For some, this position is found to be much more comfortable, and the Stomach Sleeper is the very product that allows them to do so … without missing any sleep.

Additional Pillow Perks:

It's Ergonomically Sound – the pillow was specialty crafted to prop the body and increase circulation, but without creating additional strain anywhere on the body. That means it works in tandem with your body every time you sleep to increase and improve alignment.

There's a Built-In Chin Rest – Who needs to prod and fluff a pillow when your chin has its very own stand? Simply place and rest your chin every time you sleep to avoid strain or pulling the neck. Excess weight is easily kept in check too.

Pressure-Free Zones – The sides and center all hold special "pressure-free zones" so the body can be alleviated from traditional sleeping side effects. Like sore muscles or weight that's offset in all the wrong places. Instead, the pillow uses its cutouts and differences in height to pull and alleviate weight just where it's needed most.

Ultra-Soft Cover – When you buy an incredible pillow, why ruin the experience with a sub-par pillowcase? Instead, stick with the Stomach Sleeper's luxurious model for a comforting way to ease into rest each night.

Comfort Guarantee – If you don't love your Stomach Sleeper, you have 90 days to return it, free of charge. Allowing you to test out this incredible product without the risk!

Contour Care Warranty – When purchased from Contour Living, your Stomach Sleeper comes with a full year warranty. Adding peace of mind whenever purchasing this incredible pillow.

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