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Find The Perfect Acid Reflux Bed Wedge Cushion

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5 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Seem More Like Home

Heading off to college is an exciting and often stressful time in your life. Cinder block walls and fluorescent lighting can be quite shocking for many college freshmen, used to the comforts of home so we’ve put together a quick list of some easy solutions to help ensure your dorm room feels a little more comfortable.Lighten Up! – Lighting can [...]

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Should You Try Sleep-Tracking Software?

Just a few years ago, having your sleep cycle monitored was an invasive process. It meant being hooked up to machines and sleeping – or trying to – in a very public setting. Doctors or specialists were present, and patients were expected to rest as normal. After all, that's the best way to gain accurate [...]

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Contour Products Featured In American Association for Homecare

In The News: Recently, Contour Products CPAPMax pillow is was featured in the American Association for Homecare's e-blast. Click here to read the full article

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Why CPAP Masks Need to Be Kept Clean

CPAP therapy – standing for continuous positive airway pressure – is a breathing method that helps all types of Americans sleep. Those suffering from sleep apnea, along with other sleep-related conditions, benefit from the therapy by using a mask that pushes air through the nose and into the lungs. Generally, this most often helps by [...]

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How to Avoid Psyching Yourself Out of Sleep

Have you ever tried to solve all of your problems before bed? Chances are you didn't get much sleep that night, or any other night you laid down, attempting to work everything out. And there's a reason you couldn't sleep: you got into your own head. You worried about too much and likely solved too little. Which only made [...]

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What Is Acid Reflux?

What is Acid Reflux? And Why Is It Happening To You?Acid reflux is a condition that affects thousands of Americans. From a one-time occurrence, to an everyday event, it's a side effect that can make it less than comfortable to eat, at best. At worst, acid reflux makes it downright painful and uncomfortable to eat even the most mild [...]

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How to Relieve Back Pain with Hot and Cold Therapy

Most people, when sitting for a long period, tend to slouch forward. Slouching posture pushes the lower back out causing the natural inward curve to go in the opposite direction - outward toward the chair - straining the structures in the lower back. Muscle strains and pulls are also another common cause of back pain.Proper seating [...]

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The Growth of Fitness-Tracking Electronics

Just a few years ago, the world was introduced to wearable technology – bracelets, smartphone apps, and more that all help to keep track of one's physical fitness levels. Since we first started wearing them, in approximately 2006, they've been an easy, accurate way to see how much exercise you've gotten on any given day. Besides, fitness trackers help [...]

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How to recover at Home from Surgery

When you're dealing with a recovery from medical surgery, accidents and injuries, it's an event that can affect your entire life. No matter how many bills that need to be paid, how many appointments you have to keep or meetings that are scheduled, your recovery process is foremost. Not that you're arguing, but the body is likely reminding you [...]

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