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Take Care of Your Back When You Go Back to School

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School can take a toll on your body, and with a new semester quickly approaching, you need to be prepared. Most college kids don’t realize the big difference studying and sleeping in comfort can make. Often times, school mattresses and desk chairs are hard, uncomfortable, and painful to sleep or study in. This creates a recipe for poor attention spans. You can fight all of these problems though with a few simple comfort products.

The Contour Flip Pillow is an excellent pillow for your twin size bed. It sports a 10-in-1 design that allows you multiple uses all year long. It can be positioned upward for a back rest while you read text books late into the night or it can be flipped for an elevated sleeping wedge. The wedge-shaped design also allows for heart burn relief at night after eating greasy cafeteria food. If you have a futon in your dorm room this year, then use our Flip Pillow for support when lounging against the arm rest. It can also be used to elevate your legs so your feet can rest after a long day of trekking across campus. The Flip Pillow is great option no how you use it, including for back, stomach, and side sleeping.

If you are returning to campus, you will probably remember your old, thin, and unsupportive dorm mattress. There were probably plenty of mornings you debated skipping class due to exhaustion from a bad night’s sleep. This year, change your sleeping arrangements by adding a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are a great way to build support and comfort into your ordinary mattress. Our Contour Cloud Memory Foam Mattress Topper is specially designed with three layers of foam to give you better back support. The first layer is memory foam and feels like a cloud. The second layer gives you added lumbar support and keeps you from tossing and turning all night. The third layer provides a firm base so your mattress topper never bottoms out. It has an ergonomic and orthopedic design, meaning it was designed to improve your sleeping quality, so you can perform better daily and help support your natural spine alignment. The Contour Cloud Memory Foam Mattress Topper will help you sleep better, so you no longer have to fight waking up each morning.

As a student, you can easily spend all night studying in the library or at your desk. Most dorm rooms come with a desk and chair set for students, but often the seat is wood or plastic and definitely uncomfortable; and libraries can be no better. However, you do not have to sacrifice an achy back for better grades anymore. Try out a Freedom Back Support Cushion in your desk chair. It is a full length back support cushion with an ergonomic design to help you study better and longer. It has a unique curve to promote natural and correct spinal alignment. It will attach to any chair using attached Velcro straps and is lightweight so you can carry it to the library or lecture hall. This seat back cushion will change the way you study, so be sure to bring one along on move-in day.

School might be approaching but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about classes yet. However, you should start planning to buy back to school supplies. These three products will change your life and your academic performance. By adding one or all three to your schedule, you can capitalize on your sleep and your study time to be the best student you are able to be.

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