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Try Our Latest Seat Cushion, the Kabooti Ice!

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Great news for frequent sitters and Contour Living fans alike, we have a new product: the Kabooti Ice. With all of our favorite features from the traditional Kabooti Seat Cushion, now comes with the cooling comfort that comes with a traditional ice pack.

What is the Kabooti?

It's a specialized seat cushion that's made to support, cradle, and comfort the behind. Ideal for those who sit for long periods of time, or who have lower back pains, the cushion is made to host the hips and spine in their natural positions. By sitting on the Kabooti, coccyx pressure can be reduced. Weight is displaced, and the bones are held in a way that aligns them as correctly as possible, no matter how long you sit. With just a few seconds with the Kabooti, pressure can be reduced, and when sitting on the cushion on a regular basis, pains can be greatly reduced.

Then comes in the ice portion of Kabooti Ice. The pack is specially made to fit within the coccyx cutout portion of the cushion. That way you can receive soothing coolness on some of the rear's most sore areas. Simply pop the ice pack in the freezer and take it to work, in the car, or on your morning bus commute in order to feel the cool for hours on end.

Kabooti Ice Benefits

There are a number of perks that come with sitting on the Kabooti cushion. For instance, back alignment and rear relief. But when adding in an ice pack – especially one that sits custom – you can gain even further benefits. Like all-day cooling relief (if you like it extra cold, you can even stock up on additional ice packs to trade out just as soon as one begins to thaw), as well as soothing comfort that comes from from reduced pressure, as well as sitting on a surface that's lowered in temp.

With a combination of healing options, you can be well on your way to proper back alignment and pain reduction – all with a single product. Keep one cushion at your desk, one at home, or travel with your Kabooti Ice every time you know you're in for some long-term sitting.

The ice pack can also be removed for a more traditional feel. For days when it's cold out and you can't fathom the idea of cooling down further, or if you prefer sitting proper vs. on ice, you can pull the center and use the Kabooti as normal. Still while receiving plenty of rear support and pain relief options.

The Kabooti Ice is also therapeutic in its design, made for ergonomic relief, and with plenty of room for back support and pain relief. All with a single affordable product.

Who Should Use the Kabooti?

Anyone who is suffering from back pains or who sits for long periods of time. The Kabooti is also great for hemorrhoid relief, recovering from surgery, or simply to increase blood flow throughout the back and entire rear area. If you're considering the Kabooti, talk with your doctor about potential risks and benefits to see if it's a good fit.

Or, to start shopping and to learn more today, head to the Kabooti Ice page. Here you can check out specifications, product add-ons (like an additional cover that you can remove and wash as needed), as well as customer reviews. Don't take our word for it, hear how the others have been using their cushions – the results speak for themselves!

Head to the Kabooti Ice page today to learn more and start your next rear-healthy journey.

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