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Why Pillow Support Matters

Why Pillow Support Matters

Bethaney on 3rd Apr 2024

If you’ve ever slept on a flat pillow (or lack of pillow), you know exactly what we mean by “pillow support.” It’s a surface that offers cushion without crumpling at the weight of your head. It’s also ideal when a pillow does this and still remains comfortable; there are those that are too large/stiff to remain comfortable, too. 

There’s a fine line when it comes to choosing the perfect pillow, and that’s why support becomes so important. A pillow that supports your body in the right position can eliminate aches and pains, keep your spine and muscles aligned, and it can provide a comfortable night’s rest. 

In contrast, sleeping on a pillow that does not have support to it can leave your head and neck in awkward positions, or even introduce injuries like strained muscles, a creaking neck, etc. This may be fine for a night or two, but when doing it repeatedly, it can lead to pains or even injuries. 

All of that can be avoided by using the right pillow. One that offers support and helps to keep your body aligned. It’s a simple step, but one that will prevent an entire slew of issues, and that can provide more comfort through the night. 

How to Find a Supportive Pillow

If you’re having a difficult time finding the right pillow for you, look for a few key factors. While price doesn’t necessarily matter, opting for the cheapest pillow isn’t the way to go. When made with cheap material, it’s likely to break down more quickly. Instead, look for high-quality materials that are resistant to weight, wearing down, etc. Pillows that are ergonomic and made to shape the head and/or neck can also provide excellent support. 

However, you have to take personal comfort into account. There are those who prefer a pillow with a set shape, and those who want to fold or mold the pillow to the way that they want it. Find a sleeping surface that best suits your needs, but that can still provide support where it’s needed most. 

Sleeping on a surface that can hold your head in place can be one of the easiest, and best, preventative measures you take. Just by sleeping, you can be putting your body where it needs to be: in a state of support. 

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