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Habits and GERD: What Have We Learned?

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 28th Dec 2015

Suffering from heartburn is often an ongoing event. Every time we eat a heavy meal or an item that doesn't quite agree with us, we feel pressure and pain – often immediately. And even if you're o … read more

Christmas Comfort: Why You Should Give It To Everyone On Your List

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 23rd Dec 2015

If you've ever visited our website or read any of our articles, you know we're all about providing comfort. Helping folks create better body alignment, all while offering the right amount of suppor … read more

Holiday Staff Pick - Kabooti and Warm/Cool Lumbar Support Cushion

Posted by Lisa on 18th Dec 2015

I love giving gifts that inspire people, experiences rather than stuff to clutter up their already busy lives, or something that will improve their quality of life.This year when considering the peo … read more

Holiday Staff Pick: BackMax Body Wedge System

Posted by Kate on 14th Dec 2015

While tough to choose from our catalog, the  BackMax Body Wedge System definitely is top contender for my favorite product. Its high end quality makes it very durable to withstand ti … read more

Give the Gift of Comfort and Save!

Posted by Kate on 10th Dec 2015

SAVE AN EXTRA 10% OFF EVERY ORDER - PLUS FREE SHIPPING! ON ALL CONTINENTAL USA ORDERS OVER $50!All Pillows, Cushions and back Support Gifts are on SaleChristmas is around the corner - Order your gifts … read more