Q & A with a Lupus Pain Warrior – How the Unpredictable Disease Changes Day to Day Life

Q & A with a Lupus Pain Warrior – How the Unpredictable Disease Changes Day to Day Life

Interviewed by Ashlee Bryant, Intro by Bridget Rapp on 28th Sep 2018

At Contour Living we have been recognizing Pain Awareness month and honoring those who deal with chronic pain. While the month of September is used to shine a light on chronic pain, every day at Contour Living we work to help those in pain find relief.

For Mallory, chronic pain comes in the form of Lupus. At the age of 13 she was diagnosed and today, she continues to face challenges brought on by the disease.

According to Lupus is defined as a “chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal healthy tissue. This results in symptons such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart and lungs.”

Approximately 1.5 million people in the U.S. have lupus, according to

Mallory shared with us how Lupus has affected her since she was a pre-teen.

Q: What do you struggle with because of your lupus?

A: Joints hurt, sometimes you get depressed, fatigue, just slower than others! Never know how you are going to feel from one day to another.

Q: You found out you had lupus at age 13. How did this impact as a young person? 

A: I have always been an active person just because they say exercise is the best thing for the pain! I had to quit band in school because of the lupus and there were some days on the softball field that I could not even hold the bat!

Q: How has Lupus affected your lifestyle?

A: I try to eat clean as I can because that helps with the joint pain too; although some days you just want to be bad and eat fun unhealthy food.

Q: Are there warning signs that let you know that your Lupus has a flare up?

A: Some days I wake up with a rash or the top of my head is really sore… This mean there is a flare up coming on! With Lupus you never know what your pain will be day by day. There are some days that every joint hurts to move! I don’t want to get out of bed some days due to the joint pain! BUT I make myself because I know it is better to move than lay there!