How Positioning can Improve Your CPAP Therapy

How Positioning can Improve Your CPAP Therapy

Contour Living on 16th Oct 2018

Did you know slight adjustments can create incredible upgrades in the way you're able to sleep each night? The way your air flows, the way your body is aligned – all of this and more can create better posture for comfort, and for distributing oxygen through your body.

This is especially true when using CPAP therapy to help treat Sleep Apnea. CPAP is a forced air treatment option for patients who regularly wake throughout the night. (Most don't realize they are waking, but rather feel tired to experience other symptoms, such as a dry throat.)

However, it's important that patients utilize their treatment properly in order to get the best results. This includes head and neck alignment, as well as alignment of the CPAP equipment itself. Proper placement ensures that a patient is receiving steady air flow, while a misplaced item can be uncomfortable and actually counterproductive to your rest.

If you're unsure about the fit or placement of your CPAP mask and tubing, ask for a professional evaluation by your doctor. Your next step is looking at the quality of your equipment, as well as cleanliness. Products like CPAP cleaning wipes or mask upgrades can create a correct and clean fit every single night.

Next, think about how you are laying down to rest. Though CPAP treatments are very effective, their equipment can make it difficult to lie comfortably or change position. Try a cutout pillow that allows you to side sleep with CPAP without cutting off the airflow of the tube. Instead, with the pillow you can sleep comfortably.

Another accessory to help with CPAP is the pillow wedge, which helps you rest with a slight angle. Adjust height based on your comfort level while still receiving the benefits of sleeping on an incline. This position can naturally reduce snoring and creating easier breathing patterns. It can reduce tension on the CPAP equipment as well.

Consider Your Personal Preferences When Sleeping

It's a good idea to take your personal comforts to heart. Do you like sleeping on your back? Your side? Your stomach? Obviously you will sleep more soundly when resting in a position that's most comfortable to you.

Then, look to products or hacks that can allow you to become as comfortable as possible without compromising your CPAP treatment.

Add in pillows, new masks, and more, that help you to lay in the position that's best for you, but that also doesn't move or compromise your air tube.

Finding the best position possible for your CPAP treatment can greatly increase your therapy's results. Look to additional devices or switching up the way you rest in order to add to your therapy, rather than taking away from its results. Simple adjustments, such as the way your mask fits, can add huge perks to your nightly sleep sessions. Meanwhile, failing to use the right equipment can actually take away from your forced airflow treatment.

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