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Better Sleep and Back Support Blog

How to Make Your Lawn Chairs Health-Friendly

It’s summer (or close to it), which means most of us will be spending time in a lawn chair. A plastic or fabric version that’s acceptable to use outdoors. And can withstand the elements, while still folding or collapsing as needed. Combining all of those factors, however, doesn’t always call for the best back health. [...]

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Pressure Point Basics and How They Can Help Reduce Pain

As humans, we come with all types of instincts. Behaviors and ideas that are ingrained right to our very cores, and often cause us to do things without even thinking about them. However, those same instincts can also be honed to our advantage. Such as helping improve our health, just by how we react in [...]

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Better Posture Throughout The Work Day

According to a recent study conducted by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, some 80 percent of American jobs are sedentary. That number is astounding. So being seemingly glued to our workstations for eight plus hours a day, at least five days a week can certainly “wear and tear”the human body in [...]

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Is Better Plane Sleep on the Horizon?

“I just had the greatest nap on the plane,” is something you rarely hear – if you’ve ever heard it at all. More often than not its, “The plane was so crowded,” or “I didn’t get a wink of sleep,” proving just how terrible travel rest can become. Planes just simply aren’t ideal for relaxation. [...]

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8 Uses for the Mattress Genie

Here at Contour Living, we’re (obviously) a fan of all types of sleep-aid products. We love supportive pillows. (We even sleep on them ourselves!) A clean CPAP machine is a happy CPAP machine. Removing allergens is the best way to get better rest. And backs should be cradled and aligned at all times, especially while [...]

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MiniMax Mutli-Positional Bed and Back Wedge (VIDEO)

Introducing the MiniMax wedge with Memory foam from Contour Products: the quick and easy comfort and health support system.The MiniMax is 5 different products in one. It’s a unique combination of 5 different cushions to comfortably support you - from your upper body all the way to your legs, knees and feet.First, use it as an upper body [...]

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Contour Leg Pillow Aligns Hips & Spine (Video)

Do you suffer from low back or hip pain morning after morning? A pillow between your legs could be the best solution.But what a hassle,.. too big,.. goes flat! Now there's the contour leg pillow, for side sleepers! It gives soothing comfort for your low back hips and knees all night long. Look! Here's what happens when you [...]

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Tips for Staying Well Through Allergy Season

With only a few days of nice weather behind us this spring, it’s already become apparent that allergies are hitting hard. The pollen counts are up, as are the plants that send it into the air. Additional allergens have been released into the breathing supply as well. For many, this has caused all types of [...]

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Save your Back (And your Nose) when Spring Cleaning

Ridding your house of allergens is part of everyone’s yearly routine. It’s a great way to get the home clean, as well as the air you’re breathing in every single day. And while you’re sleeping and can’t control your surroundings – such as moisture levels or allergens. Especially when sleeping with open windows as plants are thawing and shedding [...]

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MediaplanetUSA’s Sleep

We recently participated in MediaplanetUSA’s Sleep campaign where the industry joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of sleep. The campaign seeks to inform readers on the various health benefits of a good night’s sleep as well as the dangers of sleep deprivation. The campaign was distributed through USA Today on March 13st 2015 and is published online. [...]

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