Bed Wedges Aren’t JUST for Sleep

Bed Wedges Aren’t JUST for Sleep

Bethaney Wallace on 22nd May 2021

At Contour Living, we are big advocates for bed wedges. If you’ve ever visited our site before, chances are you already knew that we’ve been cheering them on for years. It’s not hard to wonder why, either. Bed wedges offer many health benefits, from helping with digestion, to decreasing snoring and increasing your ability to breathe, and more.

But health benefits aren’t the only reason you can use a bed wedge … nor are they only for sleeping. In fact, there are multiple uses for bed wedges that you might not have considered. Take a look at these versatile devices in order to see what all bed wedges have to offer.

Surgery or Injury Relief

Let yourself heal faster, and more comfortably with the help of a bed wedge in your home or office. The body can heal easier when arranged in certain position, for instance, removing weight from a limb or joint, or allowing blood flow to increase (or decrease) per doctor’s orders. Consider the bed wedge for recovery if you’ve been recommended to elevate by your medical professional.

Adult Sex Wedge

Yes! Bed wedges can be used during your intimate times as well as when you rest. By using one of our supportive pillows as an  adult sex wedge, you can gain adventure and support for yourself and partner. Adult aids allow you to get more – ahem – creative with less risk. Remain supported at all times, and add comfort. You can easily displace your weight. Reduce the risk of a fall or pulled muscle – at any age and have fun in the bedroom thanks to a bed wedge used as an adult sex wedge.

Working From Home with Lap Support

Studying or working from home is the new normal, but that doesn’t mean our homes are equipped as a functioning office. However, with the addition of a bed wedge, you can add a supportive desk to the couch, or even while lounging in bed. Adjust your computer, book, or writing surface to meet your needs with the help of continued lap support. Work when and where you want with the addition of a bed wedge into your home office.

There are many uses we can find for the bed wedge, including those that aren’t associated with sleep. Consider these additions to your bed wedge search in the hopes of finding a model that will best suit you and your household needs.

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