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Browse our extensive list of commonly asked questions. From product specific questions, to questions about your account or order. If you do not see it listed here, and think it should, just let us know - We are here to serve you better.

What Is Your Return Policy

You have 30 days if you do not like your product and wish to send it back to us for a refund. You can read our full Return Policy online for more details.

What orders qualify for Free Shipping?

All orders over $85.00 receive free shipping. Offer is only valid for lower 48 United States (everyone minus Hawaii and Alaska).

Do you have retail locations?

No we do not. A handful of our products are available in select department stores and medical centers. But we sell everything through our online site, Amazon and Ebay Stores.

Can I return a product even though it is open?

Yes. You will have to ship it back to us and once we receive the product, your credit card will be credited. However, since most of our products are considered personal items, once received, by law we need to physically destroy and dispose of the item. Any returned used item will have a 20% disposal fee deducted from their return.

I returned my product last week and still do not see it on my card?

When a product comes in and we refund it, it may take up to 3 -5 days depending on your financial institution.

Is my email safe? I do not want my information sold.

Your email is entirely safe with Contour Living, we simply use your to track your order, for conformation e-receipts and tracking numbers. During account creating, you also have the option of declining any correspondence with Contour Living as well.

I can not get rid of the ad that is on the right side of my screen!

Simply press the arrow button that appears on its right side and it will close the advertisement.

What is the Kabooti Made out of?

It is made from a durable molded polyurethane foam. And comes with a nylon cover (choice of gray, blue or camo).

What are the differences of CPAPMax and the Contour CPAP?

Filling: The filling in the CPAPMax is memory foam on one side, and tradition fiber feel on the other. Where as the Contour CPAP is molded poly foam.

Design: The design of the two are different as well. The CPAPMax sides are completely cut out and the Contour CPAP pillow is just indented. With the CPAPMax, there is more room for comfortability with your CPAP mask on.

Size(Height): The Contour CPAP pillow comes in either of 4 inch high or 5 inch high pillow. The CPAPMax comes as a 5 inch but has a removable insert to make it a 4 inch.

Can I use FSA cards to purchase this product?

Unfortunately, we do no submit claims to your insurance company. Although some of our products are covered by some insurance carriers . Normally what happens is, you will have to pay for the product yourself, and then submit your reciept to your insurance comany and they will reinburst you for your purchase amount.

What exactly is Rush Handling?

Rush Handling basically ensures your order will ship the same day (If placed by 1:00 pm est) or first thing the next business day. If you choose to add Rush Handling to your order for faster service, you will still have to select a payment method ( Standard or Express).It is not express shipping.

Is any of our products made of latex?

All Contour brand products are Latex Free

I received an coupon for a Free Massager , what is it?

It is a system that spans either the width or length of your bed, and gives creates a vibration to massage you. It is comparable to older movies, with the beds where you put the quarters in to make it vibrate. It targets specific areas you choose with your remote and massages your body.You can view a pdf of the Massage system in our Product Downloads area .

How do I fold the BackMax back up in its original position?

A common question, Both the Left side, and Right Side will fold UNDERNEATH the middle section of the BackMax, in which it will return to is original position.