Little-Known Signs of GERD That Can Keep You Up at Night

Little-Known Signs of GERD That Can Keep You Up at Night

Bethaney Wallace on 7th May 2021

If you suffer from acid reflux or GERD – that’s gastroesophageal reflux disease – you have felt the discomfort that comes from stomach acid that doesn’t stay put. GERD AKA acid reflux takes place when there is overactive stomach acid, or a defect in the lining and stomach contents rise against gravity, into the upper portions of the chest. The result is a painful burning sensation that can be controlled or lessened with antacids or other medication.

But did you know there are other ways that GERD can present? If you have these strange symptoms and can’t quite find the cause, consider talking to your doctor about your risk for acid reflux.

Coughing and Breathing Problems

Considering the strength of stomach acid – and that it invades up into your throat – this should come as no surprise. Yet coughing and breathing problems are a commonly overlooked symptom of GERD. Sufferers can also experience a raspy throat or hoarse voice when waking, and painful coughing.

Chest Pain

Experiencing chest pain is never a welcome experience, but if this happens to you, it could actually be a side effect of GERD. As stomach acid rises, it makes its way through the body, causing pain and discomfort as it goes. In any case, chest pain is a cause for something to get checked out.

Difficulty Swallowing or A Lump in Your Throat

Feeling like you can’t swallow or there’s a lump in your throat is another little-known symptom that can be associated with GERD. Due to damage that can take place in the throat, or simply stomach acid that’s present in the area. Don’t write off a lump in the throat as stress or an uncomfortable situation, it could actually be caused by the contents of your stomach and its inability to stay put.

A Toothache

It’s not surprising that acid isn’t good for the teeth. So when acid reflux takes place, know that your teeth could actually be damaged from acid getting into your mouth. And while you might be quick to guffaw, stating that you would know if it was happening, stomach acid makes many appearances at night. You might be suffering during your sleep without even realizing it.

There are certainly factors that are normally associated with acid reflux – heartburn and belching are just a few of the most common side effects. However, there are other, lesser known symptoms of those who suffer from GERD.

Take a look at the above symptoms and keep them in mind if they hit too close to home. If you recognize these symptoms, head over to the Contour Living store and find a solution to help alleviate digestive issues to help you sleep better.