BackMax Foam Bed Wedge Body Cushion

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Looking for an bed wedge to sleep elevated to relieve your symptoms of discomfort or simply some R&R? The BackMax is the only multi-functional bed wedge that provides you comfort and support no matter where you sleep. Featuring the “zero-gravity” elevated sleep position, the BackMax provides you with "weightless" comfort to alleviate pressure points. Can be used while it is zippered together, or apart for targeted support where you need it the most.

Provides a non-intrusive soltuion for those looking for comfort & relief for:
  • After surgeries, accidents and injuries
  • To aid digestion (raises esophagus above stomach)
  • To reduce stress on the body (zero gravity position)
  • To find a comfortable position for rest & relaxation
  • To help alleviate respiratory conditions (snoring, sinus pressure, apnea & other breathing restrictions)
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Multi-Functional Full Body Support - Perfect for Elevation, Recovery from Surgery & Finding a Comfortable Sleeping Position!

The Contour BackMax Body Wedge System has been allowing customers to enjoy total body comfort and support since it was first introduced on TV in early 2000’s. The BackMax is a 3 piece foam wedge pillow set which provides total body support. The multi-functional sleep system also allows you to detach the wedge pieces by unzipping them, which allows you to use each piece individually. By using the pieces together or apart, the BackMax foam wedge system allows you to arrange the wedges for different support positions. So whether you are looking for full body support while sleeping on your back, or elevating your torso or knees for comfortable relaxation, the BackMax Body Wedge System does it all.

" actually works quite well. The cushions are zipped together, so you can use them all (as in regular position) or unzip and use the back wedge portion as I do. It's like having all the cushions you'll ever need in one set."  ... Contour Customer Review.

Benefits of the BackMax Wedge Pillow System

  • MULTI-POSITIONAL SUPPORT – The BackMax foam wedge system features a unique zipper design that allows your cushions to be used together or apart to provide configurable support and comfort for your entire body – including upper body, legs & feet.
  • SLEEP IN ZERO-GRAVITY – Provides a full incline support wedge for your body alleviating any pressure points while laying down, while also providing elevated support for your upper body, perfect for those struggling with back pain
  • USE ANYWHERE – The foam wedge can be used in bed, on the floor, or the couch or even as a supplement to their adjustable bed for travel
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT– The foam wedge is ergonomically designed to follow the natural curvature of your spine. This allows your spine to be supported naturally and provides spinal alignment while sleeping, alleviating pressure points & aches for your back, hips, legs & feet
  • REMOVABLE SOFT, BREATHABLE COVER – Now in “Contour Blue”, the cover that comes on the BackMax is made from a soft jersey knit material that promotes air circulation to prevent you from overheating at night or while in use.
  • BONUS! WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY - Order today and receive our half roll custom pillow designed for added cervical support for your BackMax, along with a vinyl storage/travel back for your new comfort system.

Elevate Your Body into Weightless Comfort

For those looking for sleep and support either on their own, or recommended by their doctor, they often turn to foam bed wedges to sleep elevated in an incline position. As a non-intrusive alterative to provide comfort from various symptoms they experience, the BackMax Body Wedge cushion set is the only foam wedge that provides superior comfort and support from head to toe.

  • Relief From Digestive Symptoms - Acid Reflux/GERD/Indigestion
  • Support for Pregnancy Symptoms – Heartburn, Nursing, Back Pain Support
  • Respiratory Relief – Cold/Flu or Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, COPD
  • Post-Surgery Comfort & Support – Cosmetic Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Back Surgery, etc.
  • Elevates Your Feet Above Your Heart - helps aid proper circulation, great for those who have edema
  • Pressure Free Support – for back pain, sciatica, hip pain, leg or knee relief
  • Simple Rest & Relaxation – Eating in bed, reading or watching TV
  • Plus Much More - Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Hiatal Hernia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, vertigo, spinal support, plus much more!

New Design – Same Great Comfort & Support!

The BackMax Body Wedge System is an ergonomically designed foam bed wedge system that contours to you provided proper spinal alignment. With our NEW model, we have made some design upgrades based on feedback we received from our customers over the years. These design upgrades include:

  • Foam Core Upgrade – features a support foam core & wrapped in 1 inch outer layer of memory foam for not only support, but plushness for comfort!
  • Breathable Removable Cover – no more hot velour cover! The BackMax now has a soft, breathable blue jersey knit cover. The new material now allows you to easily remove and wash your cover without struggling in getting it back on the individual foam wedges.
  • Anti-Skid Design – This makes sure your BackMax stays in place! No more slipping or sliding from the wedges. Now, no matter if you use all of them together or apart, your BackMax foam wedge cushions will stay in place!
  • New Dimensions – we adjusted the overall length of the BackMax Body Wedge Set to better fit our taller customers when zipped together or apart

What Is The Difference Between Each BackMax?

Our BackMax bed wedge system is offered in two different sizes, 20” or 28” widths. Both are exactly the same aside from the width of the cushions. However, even petite framed customers prefer the larger size BackMax as there is more room for their arms to rest comfortably on the side of their bodies versus the standard (20”) width. The Deluxe 28 model, now comes with a plush, lightweight, white fleece removable cover.

How Firm Are The Wedge Pillows Themselves?

We have managed to merge the best of both worlds for total comfort and support. The wedges themselves are constructed with a support foam which helps provide proper support that your body needs. However, we wrapped each piece in a 1 inch thick layer of plush memory foam to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.

What If I Don’t Like It?

Alongside our 1 Year Warranty for any manufacturing defects, we also provide a 45 Day Comfort Guarantee when you order directly from So if you don’t like it, it may be returned for a FULL product refund! For more information on our return policy, please check out our policies page.

This is not a medical device and is intended only to improve comfort, posture & support. It is not intended to treat any medical conditions


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146 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by 25Donkeys on 26th Oct 2018

    I have been using the back max product for several nights and after getting used to it I have finally gotten a full night's sleep, the first time in months.

  • 5
    Fabulous BackMax Contour Pillows

    Posted by Janice V. on 26th Oct 2018

    I was suffering from the worst back pain. Not even my extra thick pillow top bed was helping anymore. I woke up every day feeling like my back was beaten with a baseball bat. I would wake up from the pain at the worst hours. These three magic contour zero gravity pillows have been the best thing I could’ve purchased all year. My back pain is minimal at best now. The zero gravity element gives relief to not only my back and hips, but my legs as well. I sleep wonderfully now! Thank you!!!

  • 5
    Best Option I've Found

    Posted by Terri on 25th Oct 2018

    I was sleeping in a recliner for more than a year. I'm now back in my bed. I sleep comfortably thru the night without waking up. I do sleep too warm because of the foam so I'm concerned about comfort during the summer but its great for chillier nights.

  • 5
    Back Max

    Posted by Michael Calgero on 25th Oct 2018

    Works great, very helpful

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Hahn on 25th Oct 2018

    When I broke my wrist a few months ago, I had to sleep with I arm elevated, which was nearly impossible in bed. I slept on my recliner sofa with pillows, which worked well. My sofa (with pillows) gave me a near zero gravity effect & comfort. After recovery, I it was hard for me to sleep in bed again, as it was not as comfortable, and I was used to being elevated. I ordered the Back Max, and I am sleeping in my bed again! Very easy to get used to, and very comfortable. Haven't tried the extra cover yet (it looks like fleece & looks like it would be too warm to sleep on. I currently have my Back Max wrapped in a sheet and it's wonderful. I have had my Back Max for 2 weeks now, and I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    BackMax Foam Bed Wedge Body Cushion

    Posted by Don Mitchener on 24th Oct 2018

    Due to Bad back and neck I always sleep in a recliner or anti gravity chair.....Bought RV and needed something to sleep on....This product was absolutely perfect....

  • 5
    backmax bed wedge

    Posted by Larry on 24th Oct 2018

    I love this pillow system. Has allowed be to move from a recliner to my bed. Helps with my back pain and has helped my shoulders.

  • 5
    I can travel again.

    Posted by Bill Toth on 23rd Oct 2018

    After two years I can give up my recliner and am able to travel without dragging a zero gravity chair and padding. I use the wedge every night and I like that I can unzip the parts I don't need. It will be lighter to carry into motel rooms for travel.

  • 5

    Posted by Kent on 23rd Oct 2018

    I had a severe back injury over 30 years ago and have had varying levels of pain ever since. Sleep was often difficult. This is my second purchase of a Backmax, when I settle down on my wedge there is immediate relief for my tired back. I sleep soundly and in the morning when I wake my back is ready to face a new day. I will sleep on a Backmax for the rest of my life.

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Product Dimensions:
Standard: 70"L x 20" W x 15"H (at the highest point)
Deluxe Wide: 70"L x 28" W x 15"H (at the highest point)
Back Wedge:
15 x 30 x 23
Leg Wedge:
30 x 30 x 9
Foot Wedge:
14 x 14 x 8
Product Material:
Poly Urethane Foam, Fleece Cover
Wedge Type:
Full Body, Multiple Configuration
Standard: 20"; Plus: 28"
Return Policy:
45 Days, Fees Waived
Acid Reflux||GERD||Heartburn||Snoring||Sleep Apnea||Allergies||Congestion||Asthma||Circulation||Mobility||Back Pain||Arthritis||Surgical Recovery||Neck Pain||Shoulder Pain||COPD||Breathing difficulties||Poor circulation||Indigestion||Respiratory diff
Wedge Height:
Fixed with multiple options