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Benefits of Body Elevations

Lauren Stone on 9th Sep 2013

Attain Optimal Elevation for Restorative Healing and Everyday Life with the BackMax Back and Body Wedge Set and the Contour Mattress Genie Bed Wedge

body-elevation.pngIf you have ever needed time to recover from an illness or intense surgery, you understand the need to elevate certain body parts to aide in pain or to relieve any unnecessary pressure from the recovering area. Your first thought might be to gather as many bed pillows as possible to prop up every part of your aching body. But that really only leaves you buried under a mass of pillows placed haphazardly under your ankles, calves, and and smashed up against the headboard in a feeble attempt to elevate your aching neck. This hardly seems comfortable and can even do more harm than good if the body is not properly aligned. This type of full body relaxation requires more than just a few random bed pillows; special orthopedic and ergonomically crafted products such as the Mattress Genie Bed Wedge and BackMax Back and Body wedge system from Contour Living were essentially made for you to lie back and say “ahhhh.”

There are countless benefits to both of these multi-functional full body support systems, as they help create positions recommended by physicians for elevating all parts of the body. In addition to being ideal for post-surgery support such as a tummy tuck, knee or back surgery, those who suffer from acid reflux symptoms, heartburn or GERD will sleep soundly for the first time. The BackMax wedge cushions allow you to arrange the ergonomically designed cushions in multiple configurations to suite your individual support needs. The knee wedge elevates the legs and feet, increasing circulation and making it perfect for napping, watching television, reading or just taking a moment of solitude. One of the most valuable benefits of this product is the ability to recreate the zero gravity position: placing your body at a 120-degree angle which is one of the most relaxed positions you can find your body! Ordinary pillows certainly cannot compare.

Elevation Benefits of the Back Max Pillow:

Elevating the head allows comfort from acid reflux, indigestion and even uncomfortable hernias, eases nasal congestion and sinus pressure, asthma and allergy symptoms, and studies have shown that an elevated head while sleeping can minimize heavy snoring.

The Benefits of the 120-Degree Angle Position:

This angle places the body in a neutral position which has been found to be the body’s most relaxed state. It eases the workload of the heart and nervous system which results in a reduction of overall physical stress on the body, and elevates the legs to the same level as the heart which eases circulation.

Benefits of Elevating the Legs and Knees:

Elevation of these body parts reduces any chance of swelling, varicose veins or edema while improving overall blood circulation, and relieves strain and tension of the lumbar curve in the spine.

In addition to the benefits for those recovering from surgery and uncomfortable sleep disorder symptoms, the BackMax pillow is also great for regular everyday use. Those who love to play video games, lounge on the floor while watching a movie or reading, or even new mothers nursing their newborns will find superior comfort.

Appropriately named, the Contour Mattress Genie is exactly what you would want to wish for as this completely adjustable bed wedge raises and lowers your upper body just like an adjustable bed! With the simple touch of a button, you can transform your existing bed into an adjustable one to any degree that best suites your knees. The Mattress Genie is ideal for anyone suffering from sleeping conditions or severe allergies. Plus it works with any sized mattress from a traditional spring coil, Tempur-Pedic or even a Sleep Number bed.

You adjust the wedge from a flat position all the way up to over a two foot elevation in less than one minute. This is also perfect for reading or enjoying a delicious breakfast in bed.

As one of Contour Products’s most popular products, the Mattress Genie has earned countless rave reviews. Lynne McGarity commented “Thank you so much for your wonderful invention! I can read, eat, sleep and sit up to watch TV for hours!” Another customer, Gary Dolsey commented “I travel a lot and have severe acid reflux. Before, I had to travel with a large bed wedge pillow. But with your Mattress Genie, traveling is so much easier. Thanks again for coming up with the Mattress Genie!”

So kick back and relax as your body heals, and relaxe your your mind and spirit as well. Allow your body the solitude and relaxation is deserves through proper ergonomic alignment.