Leading Ergonomic Company Sells 20 Millionth Product

Posted by Contour Living on 31st May 2013

Contour Living™ Offers Innovative, Affordable Body Support and Sleep Solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, (June 30, 2006) – As a testament to its success, Contour Living™, a leading ergonomic and sleep support company, announced the shipment of its 20 millionth product sold.The company’s product line is designed to provide affordable alternatives for solving key sleep and comfort issues.Contour Living’s innovative sleep and ergonomic solutions have been featured on shows such as The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Good Morning America.

“We believe being as comfortable as possible in your home and surroundings isn’t an indulgence; it’s a necessity in managing the stress of today’s fast-paced world,” Scott Davis, Contour Living’s founder and president, explained.“Through focusing on providing affordable solutions that assist our customers in relaxing at home, at play or at work, we’ve been able to achieve this milestone.”

Contour Living boasts a variety of industry-leading innovations.The Mattress Genie provides an affordable alternative for consumers wanting the features of a mechanical adjustable bed, but who aren’t interested in spending the average $2,000 one can cost.Priced at less than $200, the product inflates via remote control under the head of any mattress to replicate the multiple elevated positions of a traditional mechanical adjustable bed.

The Contour Twist pillow is another product that has the unique capability to hold its shape when bent into any position, to provide customized comfort.Inside the soft, polyfoam pillow, a bendable plastic spine allows the pillow to maintain its shape when bent.As the ideal travel pillow, the Contour Twist can bend around a traveler’s neck and up the side of the person’s head to stay put when leaning to rest in a plane, car or train.

The Sunny and Luna Talking Pillows solve another common sleep-related comfort issue: children’s bedtime anxiety.Children’s parents, grandparents or any special people in their lives can record a story, song or unique message into the moon- or sun-shaped pillows.Children can then press the pillow to hear that special someone’s voice when they’re in need of some reassurance.

The Mattress Remedy, Contour Living’s newest offering, is an inflatable support system that sits between a mattress and bed springs to restore the support of a sagging mattress.>With research indicating that even new mattresses can begin to sag within six months’ time, the Mattress Remedy is an affordable solution for extending the life of a mattress and providing adjustable support for individual comfort.

The Back Max is a three-piece pillow wedge system that transforms into eight different configurations for full-body support.Its hinge design easily unzips the medical-grade foam wedges to rearrange them in different positions.These various configurations provide support to address an array of health and comfort issues, from leg or head elevation, to bent-knee support to reduced-gravity body positioning for optimum relaxation of the heart, body and nervous system.

The cornerstone of Contour Living’s line is its array of memory foam bed products. It offers more than nine variations of the widely popular foam head and leg pillows and mattress pads.