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Aging Bodies Need More Support

Aging Bodies Need More Support

Bethaney Wallace on 9th Feb 2022

It’s no secret that the body needs a little more TLC as it ages. Gravity, stress, strain, old injuries, and more all come into play and weigh heavily on the body. Potentially leading to ongoing aches and pains, some that could be severe. But even those who are blessed with the best of health will be in need of some serious comfort.

As some point, sleeping wherever you land no longer becomes comfortable … or even an option. Sleeping on anything less than a fully supported mattress could leave you sore and ailing for days to come.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, getting older is a fact of life. But by sleeping on the right mattress. One that supports and helps your body circulate and heal like it should. Doing so on a nightly basis can actually help to reduce your aches and pains and leave your body better rested. By improving your alignment, however, you can also improve your body’s circulation. Better blood flow and allowing the bones and muscles to rest as they should can further help reduce pains and diminish the signs of injury.

There’s a reason aging bodies need more support. They simply aren’t as fresh and able-bodied as their younger counterparts. Joints, cartilage, and more wear out over time. Everyday use can catch up with you, leading to pain that either sneaks up, or comes on all at once. In any case, it’s not a welcome sign, but rather a hint to do something differently. Whether you choose to stretch and/or exercise, or upgrade your sleeping surface, a combination of changes can help you lead a more comfortable lifestyle day in and day out.

Even a simple change, such as a memory foam, adding support, or adjusting how you hold your neck overnight can make big changes for your daily help. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about your changes or ongoing injuries, too. They can help you create a plan to deal with ailments going forward, and can prescribe any needed treatments, such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc.

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