Why Spine Alignment During Sleep is Necessary All Day Long

Bethany Wallace on 3rd Jun 2019

A crick in your neck is no way to wake up. This unwanted pain is bad enough to wake up to. But when you're left dealing with the pain all day long, it's a whole new level of annoyance and discomfort. Think about it – a day of random pain or forcing to turn your head one way (or experiencing incredible pain) – and it's enough to send you straight back to bed. Sure you can try and help the situation with pain medication, heat or ice, or even a muscle relaxing cream, but the worst cricks around simply won't go away.

You're stuck with it for the long haul, wondering what you did wrong the night before and how you can never sleep in that same position again.

And that's not the only thing that can go wrong from sleeping "wrong"! Rolling onto your side without proper leg or hip support can leave you with lower back aches the following day. These can range from twinges, to dull aches, to incredible shooting, sharp pains.

A bad mattress can hurt the middle and upper portions of the back, while a pillow that's too flat (or even too tall) can add to its own pains. Whatever you experience from spine misalignment, of course, can be ongoing, aching, and they can affect your entire day. In fact, the worst encounters of them all will last even longer. Yikes!

All of the above (and more) are why it's so incredibly important to ensure your spine is properly aligned while sleeping. Support matters too!

Fixing Spine Alignment Overnight

Depending on the cause of your spine misalignment, you might be able to find an easy fix. Those with floppy or saggy pillows and mattresses can opt for a simple upgrade in order to beat their chronic pains. The same goes for those who sleep "wrong" and end up twinging muscles. Just by adjusting the type of pillow you sleep on, you can eliminate these behaviors that are causing pain. Oftentimes, folks are sleeping in ways that they don't realize will cause pain.

Just by opting for a neck wedge, back support pillow, or leg contouring item, you can create positions that your body is "supposed" to fit within for the entire night. Best of all, they're still incredibly comfortable!

To learn more about what you could be doing to cause ongoing pains, check out some of our past blogs.

For those experiencing long term injuries, talk with your doctor about updating back and neck products and how it might affect your overall health.

Daily Improvements to Your Health

Aside from nonexistent pains when achieving proper back alignment, puts a pep in your step! When able to stand upright, you'd be surprised at just how much energy you're able to gain. You can walk freely, perform activities of your choice, and simply don't have to worry about whether or not your body will hold you back.

Pain-free and energized is a great way to live! Check out our product page to learn more about what Contour has to offer and how it can help your everyday needs.