The Gift of a Good Night's Sleep

Posted by Contour Living on 31st Jul 2013

Memory Foam Leg Pillows Reduce Strain on Back, Hips & Knees

Millions of Americans suffer from restless, uncomfortable sleep. Poor body support and alignment may be the root of the problem.

Aligning your body the way nature intended can minimize tossing and turning, relieve aches and pains and alleviate morning stiffness. Sleeping with better alignment is easy and inexpensive if you know what can help, says Scott Davis, CEO of Contour Living, a leading U.S. ergonomic sleep and comfort company.

"Consumers are recognizing the effectiveness of sleep support and alignment products as a natural means for getting good rest and minimizing aches and pains," Davis says. "We've noticed this trend through the popularity of our memory foam leg pillows, which help reduce strain on the back, hip and knee joints."

ore than 7 million of the company's ContourĀ® Leg Pillows have sold, starting with referrals from medical professionals. Now they're available online and through national retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk and CVS as welcome gifts for those who, before, could only dream of a good night's sleep.

The National Institute of Health recommends sleeping with a pillow between your legs as a home-care solution for low back pain sufferers. Since your body has subtle curves, even the most luxurious flat mattresses don't always provide proper support. In order to maintain proper alignment all night, you need to sleep on a supportive surface that mirrors your body's curves.

For better sleep, here are some tips when considering body alignment products:

  • The most important features are shape and material.
  • Memory foam best relieves pressure points, while fiberfill offers a softer feel and more ventilation.
  • Leg pillows should fit the curve of your legs to comfortably stay put.
  • Mattress pads should support the curve of your lumbar back rather than just a flat piece of foam.
  • Head pillows should be shaped to gently support the curve of your cervical spine.
  • Check with your doctor or chiropractor for other alignment and product questions.