Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 7th May 2014

It’s no secret that better health is a journey, not a destination. In order to stay fit and in shape, you must work toward a path of making better choices. Not simply arrive upon it all at once. Even though you might not always order the salad or walk an extra lap around the track, but overall, more good decisions than bad ones can lead to better health.

But they also must be kept up. When those habits aren’t repeated, they can lead to a happier self and healthier body. When it’s intermittent, however, that isn’t the case – while you might be more fit after a few weeks of working out or better eating, if that behavior isn’t the norm, you can fall back into the same habits. An act that can cause you to take on even more weight than was lost to begin with. This is a very dangerous process that can be even harder on the body than being out of shape in general. Which is why, in whatever form, it’s better to stay active and consciously aware of what you’re body’s doing.

For those who dislike to exercise, this ongoing schedule can come as a tall order. However, staying healthy doesn’t necessarily mean running multiple miles every morning. It simply means being aware of what is and isn’t good for your body, and incorporating movement into the muscles throughout the day. So if jogging, biking, or other strenuous forms of exercise aren’t your thing, opt for walks or gentle movements instead.

Why You Should Stretch

One such way is through regular stretching. Whether done at the gym, during work breaks at the office, or at home while watching TV. Though this doesn’t necessarily “work” the muscles, it allows them to receive more nutrients and blood flow. Both of which work toward stronger, more efficient uses of the body. And when done on a regular basis, the results grown even better. Therefore, the more you stretch, the better and more widespread the results will be.

Stretching is also known to improve your mood, increase digestion, increase posture and the body’s ability to stand upright, and more.

How and When to Stretch

For the most part, so long as stretching takes place, it doesn’t necessarily matter when or where it takes place. Though many create a personal preference as to when they should give their bodies this natural boost of energy, it really depends on time, place, and availability for some impromptu stretching. For instance, stretching in the morning might be a great way to wake up, while others prefer an afternoon timeslot for an instant pick-me-up. No matter when you choose to stretch, so long as it’s done in a somewhat regular timeslot, it can be a great way to add energy and health factors to your day.

For those who are going on strenuous workouts, stretching should always be performed afterwards. This allows for the muscles to cool and rid themselves of any forthcoming pains.

As for which body parts you should stretch, this too can be a personal preference, thought it’s a good idea to give the body an even coverage. Start with the legs, then move to the rear, arms, and stomach areas. Simple movements like bending over can also stretch the neck or lower back, which can be otherwise hard to “reach.” Or, if you prefer to move top-wards down, reverse the order for an equally even stretching session.

No matter which way you go about creating a stretching routine, it can provide a great way to get (and stay) in shape. Remember this simple move to start receiving all its benefits today.