Step Better to Improve Your Back Health

Step Better to Improve Your Back Health

Bethaney Wallace on 15th Apr 2021

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If you are an ongoing sufferer, it’s likely that you’re used to everyday aches and pains, as frustrating as that may be. Others wake up achy every now and then, usually blaming a bad night’s rest as the culprit. Then there are those with previous injuries, those who worked out and didn’t properly stretch, and more.

In the realm of back pain, there are any number of causes, and even more ways to try and  treat the offending aches. However, there are a few simple ways to help improve your back health, right from the get-go. Aside from stretching better, working out in a way that’s back-friendly, and talking with your medical professional about your particular back needs, it’s time to address your shoes.

How Shoes Cause Back Pain

Did you know that footwear can play a significant role in back pain? This is true whether you stand and/or walk all day, or spend a good amount of time seated at a desk. Your feet support your entire body when it’s in an upright position. This means displacing weight, and when things aren’t hitting the ground quite like they should, it can mean muscle tinges that work their way up through the body and, unfortunately, into your back.

The problem is that many shoes masquerade as those that should be good for the body. It’s obvious that high heels and flip flops won’t do your back any good. But when it comes to tennis shoes and soles that *look* like they should support, we’re often getting duped.

Tennis shoes don’t often support like they should. Particularly shoes that have an inclined sole or off-kilter gait. Those stylish shoes with a platform heel? They might be fashionable for your outfit, but they’re wreaking havoc on your feet and up into the back. The same goes for “fashion” comfort shoes that offer little support. Check your shoes for an even sole, cushion, arch support, and structure that won’t easily give way.

It’s not to say these shoes can never be worn, but if you do choose to wear them, beware of what they’re doing to your back. Are they causing pains? And if you plan to do a lot of walking, you might want to change into something with more support.

Update Your Footwear to Help Eliminate Pain

Paying attention to your footwear can be a simple and easy way to update your back health into something that comes with less pain and more comfort. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes – no, they are not always the most fashionable, but they can do wonders for back health. And, if you frequently suffer from aches and pains, consider shoes that are made to support on a regular basis. Ask your shoe salesman what you need and they can help point you in the right direction, or consider thorough research online.

Consider updating your shoe choice to help eliminate back pain.