Specialty Bedding Isn’t So Special Anymore, It’s Shelf-Worthy

Posted by Contour Living on 31st May 2013

Serve the growing market for specialty sleep, comfort and support items

CHARLOTTE, NC (February, 2011) – Contour Products™, a company focused on developing solutions-based products that solve specific sleep, comfort and support problems for consumers, has experienced tremendous growth in the sleep market over the past eighteen months. As the baby boomer population emerges, the demand for products that are designed to support and align the body for a great nights sleep and improved overall well-being is on the rise.

“We’re extremely pleased with the way that the market has responded to our products,” says Contour Products’ director of marketing, Sue Sarko. “Our in-house design team prides itself on developing feature-rich items that meet the postural needs of consumers everywhere. We collaborate with medical experts during the product development phase and validate those designs through end user feedback. It is truly gratifying to receive such a positive response from our customers.”

Contour Products recently conducted a mall intercept study, in which consumers were asked to rank various types of pillows ranging from traditional shaped fiberfill to more uniquely shaped orthopedic pillows. According to Sarko, pillows that were designed around providing orthopedic neck support were almost always preferred over the basic offerings.

“In my mind, the opportunity for retailers to capitalize on this significant shift in consumer preference is tremendous,” said Sarko. “We look forward to partnering with more of them toward the mutual goal of meeting the growing needs of their customers.”

One example of a tremendously successful specialty item is the patented Contour Leg Pillow. Its unique shape offers a perfect solution for side sleepers who struggle with low back issues, because it stabilizes the pelvis by keeping the knees separated and preventing the spine from twisting which can exacerbate back problems.

Another item that has experienced tremendous growth is Contour’s CPAP Pillow. It is the perfect example of how their product development team recognizes a problem and creates a solution. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Therapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment method for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), a condition that has received a lot of attention in the media due to its link to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and brain dysfunction. CPAP Therapy is a highly effective treatment method for OSA, but patient compliance is a challenge. That’s where Contour’s CPAP pillow comes in. Its key features are two pressure-free zones that accommodate any CPAP mask, preventing the mask from shifting, leaking and pressing into the side of the user’s face. By keeping the CPAP therapy user more comfortable, they are more willing to use the equipment and stay compliant with their program. The company was pleasantly surprised at how well the pillow sells in the mainstream market, yet another indicator of the importance of shelving these kinds of specialty items.

“Our mantra for 2011 is that specialty sleep, comfort and support products are shelf-worthy,” says Sarko. “We’re excited about the growth opportunities that exist and look forward to showcasing our products in Chicago at the International Housweares Show this year.” You can see Contour’s product line at their new location, booth #L13312.

For more information, please visit www.contourhealth.com