Recurring Headaches Concerning You?

Recurring Headaches Concerning You?

Bethany Wallace on 8th Aug 2019

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Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Do you regularly find yourself looking to medicines or trying to re-hydrate or reduce painful triggers that might be causing pain? Whether you've identified the cause or are still working diligently to determine the root of these regular aches, it's a good idea to talk with your doctor about how you could be eliminating certain behaviors to avoid such discomforts.

4 Questions to Ask Your Doc About Recurring Headaches

Schedule a time to talk with your medical professional and ask:

1. What Positions Help?

When sitting, standing, or sleeping, the way you hold your posture or rest your head and neck can create or eliminate daily headaches. Talk to your doctor about your sleeping habits and what you use for a pillow, and how it supports. He or she might recommend a different surface or way to rest your head that can eliminate pains.

2. What Natural Remedies Work?

Sure, medications might work best, but it's not healthy to take them too frequently or in too high of a dose. (Talk to your doctor about how much and how often you should be taking a medication, even if it's over the counter.) During your appointment, ask what other than substances can help, such as bone alignments, clearing sinuses, hydration remedies, and more. Exercise and releasing certain endorphins can also be a proven way to reduce regular headaches.

3. When is it a Concern?

How many headaches are too many? When is it a good idea to start looking to other treatment options? At what point should you be concerned about headaches? Are they (or could they be) dangerous? Ensure your frequent headaches aren't caused by something else or a more severe/troublesome root cause. While some folks are simply prone to headaches, others might have something more serious going on under the surface. If nothing else, having this discussion with your doctor will give you peace of mind that all is as it should be.

4. Is it Genetic?

If you have kids (or parents who are suffering from a similar ailment), it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about the chances of others suffering the same fate. Or if you inherited the aches yourself. This can give you a better idea on how to deal, how to share the remedies with family members, and how to prevent headaches in the first place.

No one likes dealing with frequent pains, especially when they affect your work or everyday enjoyment. To help keep these headaches from taking place, talk to your doctor about methods for remaining healthy. You should also talk to your healthcare provider about underlying causes and any red flags to look out for.

While methods such as supportive pillows and adjusting your neck support can help with infrequent headaches, or pains caused by position, talking with your doctor can provide clear insight and a more universal cure. Contour's specialty designed pillows and other supportive products can help provide a non-medicinal solution to your problems.

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