Pop Culture’s Worst Sleepers of All Time

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 17th Jan 2014

Though entertainment is rarely seen as the most realistic of portrayals, TV shows and movies alike have long since been public favorites. We tune into these shows, get to know the characters within them, and we become personally invested in their lives. Sure we know it’s “just a program,” but it’s also a way to relax and to entertain ourselves away from the day’s functions. And even if these shows may be a little off kilter, there is at least some aspect that connects us to its circumstances. Like the way we sleep.

Who of us hasn’t had trouble getting to sleep every now and then? In true relate-able fashion, these characters also have problems keeping a regular bedtime cycle. Whether poisoned, injured, or left to their own bad habits, even fictional people fight to stay rested.

Here are some of pop culture’s examples of bad sleeping habits.

Sleeping Beauty

After an unfortunate finger pricking, the princess was forced to sleep for entire years. Rather than having difficulties hitting the hay, Sleeping Beauty simply couldn’t wake up; she was simply in a deep, magic-induced sleep. Once finally waking, it was likely days before she opted for voluntary (and necessary) rest.

Dr. House

As the namesake in his own TV drama, Dr. Gregory House was widely known for his extreme methods. The same is true for the character when it came to sleep. Between his chronic leg pain and later Vicodin detoxes, the doctor spent many late nights either working or wrenching in extreme pain.

Teen Wolf

Who can sleep when the moon is calling you out into the night? Though Michael J. Fox’s character likely got plenty of sleep through half and partial moons, the full version brought him out of bed and into a completely new look, lack of sleep included.

Dexter Morgan, Dexter

A serial killer of serial killers, Dexter Morgan was anything but a usual character. Taking on all those illegal activities, however, also meant an interrupted sleeping schedule. Dexter stayed up into all hours of the night before heading to his day job on little or no sleep. As a routine, he was able to function with far less rest than the average person.

Hal, Malcolm in the Middle

A father of five and big kid at heart, Bryan Cranston’s character, Hal, often took on extreme hobbies. Whether practicing speed walking or Dance Dance Revolution, Hal took to all-nighters to squeeze in his enjoyment time, even if it meant work and Dad duties on zero rest.

The Princess and the Pea

Taking the ultimate princess test, this young lady was able to feel a pea through multiple mattresses; it kept her up the entire night. Fortunately, this proved she was in fact a real princess. Had others just taken her word for it, though, she’d have also gotten a good night’s sleep.

Monica Gellar, Friends

A neat freak at heart, Monica Gellar often spent sleepless nights wondering about cleanliness. For instance, if she haphazardly left her shoes in the living room, or her brother told her about an incredible slob, or if there were dirty cars parked on her block. Rather than gaining sleep, her OCD got the best of her and forced her to organize and tidy up until everything passed the Monica-clean test.

Voldemort, Harry Potter

In each of his appearances throughout the Harry Potter series, Voldermort never showed himself in the light of day. Whether intense fog or shade, or night, he planned his visits when he’d be less seen. All those evening appearances, however, meant a serious lack of sleep time, if in fact he-who-must-not-be-named required any rest at all.