Inversion Table Review

Posted by Contour Living on 2nd Nov 2013

Study Shows Teeter Hang Ups®Outperforms Competition in Product Quality Tests

There are no government regulations to effectively control the structural integrity or reliable function of inversion tables. The market is therefore subject to inconsistent or inferior product quality. With no way to quantify claims of safety, this term is commonly used without support; so the question remains, what is safe? In an effort to answer this dilemma, STL International, Inc., manufacturer of the Teeter Hang Ups® brand, hired an independent and non-biased engineering firm to compare and test the seven most widely distributed inversion tables.

Two pertinent evaluations were the Static Load Test and the Cycle Test, which examined overall durability and function of the units, the main factors pertaining to safety. While the tables are built to appear aesthetically similar, the Static Test (Chart A) revealed weaknesses in key structural components. The standard for medical equipment is four-times the manufacturer’s maximum rated user weight. Teeter Hang Ups surpassed this requirement by 20%.


The Cycle Test (Chart B), which simulated actual use, revealed deficiencies on the part of many inversion manufactures, one table having catastrophic structural failure after only 288 cycles (approximately 5-months of use)*. The Teeter Hang Ups brand was the only table that continued to cycle without failure, outperforming the next best table by 38,851 cycles, the equivalent of over 50 years of use.


Across all levels of evaluation, Teeter Hang Ups met or exceeded the competitors in durability, quality, and function. Plus, with a five-year warranty and ¼ the parts required for assembly, Teeter Hang Ups leads the market in providing product excellence and customer support.

*Tables were cycled using the manufactures maximum user-weight limit, which ranged from 250 lbs to 350 lbs. Considering that most people use their table twice or more a day, and the table is commonly used by multiple family members, the longevity of each table may be significantly reduced.

The following lists the Inversion tables tested (in alphabetical order):

Kettler (Apollo)
Life Gear (75112)
Life Gear (75128)
Motion Fitness (GT1000)
Stamina (Inversion Pro 551529)
Teeter Hang Ups (F5000)
Weslo (System WLBE)