Improve Your Posture While You Drive

Posted by Jennifer Williams on 10th Dec 2013

Maintaining proper posture at all times is important. Having poor posture can lead to back and muscle pain and can potentially make you hunched back. Even while you drive you should try to maintain a proper posture. If you sit in a car for long periods of time you can have hip and back problems. If you already have problems in this area it can be aggravated. Not moving for long periods of time can cause muscles to tighten and shorten. A lot of people drive with the right leg, their hip is rotated and their knee is lightly bent. This position can cause mild nerve irritation in your lower back.

You can easily fix this by trying to rotate your hip slightly inwards. You need to inline your leg with your body. Here are some tips to help you improve your posture while you drive. Adjust the steering wheel to be at the correct reach and height for you. While driving use both hands, except when you shift gears. Be sure to frequently change hand positions, this will increase your blood circulation and helps prevent fatigue.

Remove anything you have in your back pockets. If you have items in your back pocket such as a wallet or keys while you drive, these items can potentially put pressure on your behind and hinder the circulation in that area and can also press on the nerves. Adjust the mirrors you should not have to put any strain in your neck to look through these mirrors. If adjusting the mirrors to accommodate you is a problem, you can purchase specially designed mirrors that will improve your visibility without putting a strain on your body.

Make sure the seat is positioned for you. You should be able to reach the pedal comfortably; your knee should be angled at 130 degrees. Your car seat should contour and suit your body. The seat should also be firm; there should be some space between the back of both knees and the edge of your seat.

The seat should be either fully upright or slightly in a reclining position. Hopefully your seat provides lumbar support. If your seat provides no lumbar support, then you can use a variety of car seat cushions to help provide the support. You can find these products at

Finally try to have different driving positions change to these positions frequently, to help prevent discomfort. One thing people don’t think about is getting in and out of their cars. This is very important and can also affect your posture. If you have a big car that requires you to take a big step out of the car or even to get in, try and add an extra step for support. Place this extra step under your door. If it’s not in your budget to add this extra step, then try to move slowly. Don’t try and jump in or out of your car, this can cause damage or injury to your spine and or legs.