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How Does a Donut Cushion Help Hemorrhoids?

Bethaney Wallace on 22nd Feb 2014

howdoesdonuthelphemms.pngWhen suffering from hemorrhoids, almost every aspect of relaxing is rebuked. Sitting is painful, lying down can cause pressure or tings in the muscles, and even standing can cause cringe-worthy discomfort. With these ongoing symptoms (in addition to outside discomfort), it’s simply a matter of finding the lowest combination of negative side effects. Some patients look to medicines, topical creams, or other sources of relief, like generic OTC items. And over time, patients become more aware of their specific situations, and know how to best treat hemorrhoids when they’re triggered.

But what about the way we sit? While medicines – both topical and internal – offer a different form of relief, adjusting one’s seating pattern can provide ample results as well – without the influence of chemicals. One such example is the donut cushion.

What is a Donut Cushion?

Just as its name suggests, it’s a seat cushion shaped like a donut – complete with a large hole in the center. The outside area is built up with excess padding, and the entire ring connects so there are no seams or edges to dig or trigger a pressure point. Fancier versions also come with varying heights, handles, or specialized nodes to allow for the maximum amount of relief. All through sitting.

These cushions come in all sizes and variations of “donuts,” so that users can look toward the best solution to fit their needs. Travel cushions are great for the frequent flyer, those with handles are best for those who have multiple meetings throughout the day, and sturdier cushions offer heartier support at home – whether on the couch or at the dinner table.

Many who suffer agree that donut cushions is one of the easiest ways to get rid of pain – even resorting to using a blow-up pool toy or resting on the toilet in a pinch.

Additionally, the donut cushion can:

  • Elevate the back of the rear for maximum weight relief
  • Offer balance so there’s no tilting when rotating or reaching. (This type of tilting can cause additional pain.)
  • Improve posture, which can increase blood flow and circulation to encourage natural body healing.
  • Reduce pressure points in the legs, upper thighs, and rear.
  • Allow for easy travel for donut comfort when driving, working, sitting at home, and everywhere in between.

Considering the hemorrhoid area can become inflamed or swollen for a few different reasons (and in different areas, if only slightly) – it’s often easier to resort to these easy fixes in a pinch. Donut cushions are small, and can easily be kept in one’s car, office, or home for sudden flare-ups. Or, to keep hemorrhoids at bay year-round, use the cushion continually to receive the best results. Even when pain isn’t on your radar, the cushions can offer better posture and blood flow, no matter one’s ailments.

However, it’s always best to meet with a doctor to find the best treatment regimen for your needs. Even if hemorrhoid flare ups are infrequent or mild.

Donut cushions of all sizes and make-ups offer great relief for any hemorrhoid patient. Consider stocking up today for long-term relief to all your tailbone-related needs.