How Does a Coccyx Cushion Help Tailbone Problems?

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 17th Jan 2014

For those who have ever sat too long, you understand the pain associated with the tailbone. Whether frequent or ongoing, it’s a pain that makes everyday tasks – like sitting, kneeling, or bending – extremely difficult. Sometimes the area feels numb, sometimes it aches in a dull, ongoing manner, while other times it’s sharp and triggered by certain movements. No matter the cause or length of suffering, however, coccyx pain can be reduced with the help of the proper cushion.

Here’s how it works:

When the lower back is in pain, coccyx cushions work to alleviate the pressure in those areas. That means a softer seat, holes or gaps to reduce stress, and all while providing support to where it’s needed most. (The rear) It’s simply a matter of evaluating the area in question and offering the best, most comfortable solution.

Coccyx Cushions in Action

Because coccyx or tailbone pain can be caused by so many issues, it’s important to find a cushion that supports the area without causing any extra triggers. Long term, a patient should visit their doctor to find a more specific cause and treatment regimen. But when choosing a cushion to cut down on pain, many offer the same features.

By first eliminating pressure on the tailbone, weight and pressure it causes can be removed. This, in turn, reduces swelling and the aches it causes. Oftentimes this is achieved through a donut shape, where a cutout middle allows the tailbone to remain seated, but not sustain weight.

Coccyx cushions can also offer a comfier place to sit. Even soft chairs can inflame sensitive areas; they simply weren't made to help treat backs in pain. However, by adding a layer on top of the chair, the rear can get cozy without affecting the tailbone. Features such as memory foam are also a great choice; the more they’re used, the better each cushion fits the individual user. That means a custom fit for any size.

Specialized cushions are generally made from a high quality material that won’t break down. While expensive in larger items, such as chairs or mattresses, with a cushion, the same effect can be achieve while spending much less. These supportive foams allow the body to retain the levels and/or treatments needed, without breaking down through repeated use. This is especially helpful for those who work behind a desk, or who use their coccyx cushion on a daily basis.

Better Posture While Sitting

A lesser-known aspect of tailbone cushions is that they help users improve their posture. By creating a well-supported rear, each user is made to comfortably sit up straight with the help of their cushion. And when seated correctly, the spine better aligns itself, circulation is improved, ribs adjust for a more efficient position, and so on. All of these changes – which are subtle, yet important – work to alleviate pain. Gradually, the body learns to better align itself, and will begin to do so even when not seated or using the cushion.

Medical professionals agree that proper posture is one of the easiest ways to reduce pain and inflammation. However, it’s hard to achieve on one’s own. With coccyx cushions, the change is barely noticeable, training the body gradually with each use.

By eliminating everyday triggers toward tailbone pain, cushions work to reduce all types of lower back symptoms. From support, to reducing pressure, to adding a soft layer on which to perch, these items are a great addition to any chair.

Talk to your doctor about your coccyx treatment options, or head to Contour Living to get your tailbone pillow today.