Can Laundry Habits Affect How Well you Sleep?

Can Laundry Habits Affect How Well you Sleep?

Posted by Bethaney Wallace on 17th Jun 2014

Love it or hate it, laundry is a necessary chore in everyday life. Even when it’s divvied up among housemates or family members, it’s a never ending task that dictates just what we can wear and when we can wear it. And while it might provide for a little more daily comfort – after all, who wants to wear stretched out or dirty clothes on a regular basis – it might have the power to do even more than that. Like affect how well you’re able to sleep each night.

Even subconsciously, can clean sheets have the ability to affect how comfortable we are in our own bed?

Perhaps. Think of how great it feels to crawl into a freshly laundered bed. The sheets and blankets are crisp, smelling fresh from the detergent and/or dryer sheet of choice, and whether or not you’re uneasy about germs, you know the surface is clean. Not only is it a comforting feeling, it’s one that allows you to subtly drift into sleep. It’s a proven routine that has allowed folks to gain comfort for years. The same goes for hotel beds or cozy guest rooms where, somehow knowing that the laundry was done just for you, allows you to fall asleep far easier than in any other setting.

The Science Behind Sheets

Studies have shown that showering before bed can also increase one’s chances of feeling (and actually being) clean – and therefore falling into a deeper sleep. While one can be overheated when showering too hot, too close to bedtime, rinsing off an hour or two before sleep can eliminate that unpleasant side effect. And when paired with clean sheets, this tactic can work to keep you bed as clean as possible.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to wash one’s sheets on a weekly basis. While, for the busy or laundry-hating, this might sound like too often, it’s the easiest way to ensure that sheets are clean and ready for a long night of comfortable sleeping. Washing frequency can certainly be pushed back, but remember that the less clean your sheets become, the less clean they will feel. And over time, they will continue to interfere with your ability to fall into a deep sleep.

Those who prefer extra crisp sheets can even iron them before making the bed. This might sound old fashioned or time consuming, but acts as an easy way to add that extra special touch that will help keep your bed as comfortable as possible. Opt for scented starch or linen spray for a more crisp feeling as well.

Clean and comfortable pajamas are also an easy way to create a cozy environment. Stick to thin cotton materials in the summer, or experiment with pants, shorts, etc. to find the best combination of sleepwear. This can allow for a tremendous amount of personalization, and everyone will sleep differently in various garments. Experiment until you find the best combination of sleeping clothes to suit your individual tastes.

Laundry Scents

Another factor that can affect one’s level of sleep is the detergent and dryer sheet scents you use in each batch of laundry. Find a scent that you find comforting and incorporate it into the wash. This might even be a different spray or detergent that’s used specifically for your sheets. Whatever your preferred method, finding a scent that helps sooth you will create a comforting environment and eventually train your body to understand when it should start be gearing up for sleep.

Whether or not you’re a weekly sheet washer, it can be a great way to add restfulness and comfort to your bed. Consider this new laundering schedule for an easy way to bring on sleep each night.