4 Common Pillow Myths Debunked

4 Common Pillow Myths Debunked

Bethaney Wallace on 6th Jul 2018

Sleep is important. There's no denying that it's a needed commodity for everyday living. But what's also important is being comfortable so that you're able to get some sleep in the first place! A comfy pillow – preferably one that properly supports – is an ideal way to add cushion to your nightly routine … and a proven way to get that sleep we all desire.

That's also why it's important to choose a pillow that will provide both comfort and support. Especially on a long-term basis, not a pillow that will break down in just a few months' time.

This combination of longevity and plushness will allow you to sleep better and to be more supported every time you lay down.

Find and rest with your best contour pillow yet by looking into these common myths and identifying the truth that lies behind them.

1. Memory Foam is Hot Hot Hot

This might have been true when memory foam was first invented, but luckily, the problem has been identified and addressed. New memory foam pillows have breathing pockets built right in! There are even Contour cooling pillow models that take it a step further and allow for added cooling while you sleep.

2. Pillows Get Germy and Can't Be Washed

Of course they get germy; you sleep on it every single night. But that doesn't mean there aren't easy ways to clean your pillows. Your Contour pillowcase can be thrown in the washer. There are also care instructions for each shape and style of pillow. Follow accordingly for a clean, fresh pillow every night.

3. All Pillows Lose Their Shape

False. Not all pillows are created equally! Many Contour pillows are designed with longevity in mind. In fact, because alignment and working to eliminate pain are two of our biggest goals, our pillows are specifically designed to withstand nightly use while maintaining shape and proper head and neck alignment. That means, even as you sleep on the pillow for months – even years – it will still maintain its integrity and cozy supportive shape.

4. "I'm Allergic to My Pillow"

It's true that allergies can be triggered during sleep. However, orthopedic fiber Contour pillows are made to be hypoallergenic so you can breathe with ease. With proper care you can avoid nighttime allergies. It's also a good idea to vacuum or steam clean your mattress regularly, as most allergens settle over time, such as dust mites. By choosing a quality pillow and with proper maintenance you can avoid allergen triggers while breathing easy through the night.

Sleeping peacefully each night is a goal we all strive toward. Give yourself your best chance at great sleep with a quality and comfortable pillow.

To learn more about different pillow styles, check out the your next Contour Pillow today.