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Ultimate CPAP Comfort Kit

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Wondering how to make CPAP better? Try our new Ultimate CPAP Comfort Kit. This cpap accessory bunndle provides superior comfort and includes all the necessary CPAP supplies you need for your nightly PAP Therapy.

  • Extended Folding Bed Wedge
  • CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0
  • CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes
  • CPAP Hose Cover
  • Free Shipping + 2 Year Warranty + 45 Day Comfort Guarantee!

Product Description

Experience Superior Comfort & Support With CPAP Therapy Each Night!

Whether you are an experience CPAP user, or new to your nighttime therapy, CPAP can be overwhelming. Whether it’s your first day or your 1st year of oxygen therapy, it’s very uncomfortable and hard to get adjusted to. As comfort is our main priority, we have bundled our best-selling cpap bed pillow, along with the best cpap supplies so you stay comfortable all night long!

Order your cpap bundle today for our best-selling CPAP accessories & Save 10% Today!

  • Best Selling CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 – This cpap bed pillow allows side sleepers to rest comfortably without their pillow interfering with their mask, allows back sleepers to stay aligned for optimal airflow throughout the night. By reducing the pillow pressure, your mask stays in place, wont shift and helps improve your mask seal so you can reduce mask leaks which cause loud noise at night. Take a look at our CPAPMax pillow reviews to see how the CPAP pillow 2.0 helped improve their PAP Therapy!
  • Custom Fit CPAPMax Pillow Case – This pillow case is designed to fit the exact shape of your CPAP pillow. The cotton pillow case for your pillow is made from a soft, breathable white cotton to promote airflow throughout the night.
  • CPAP Mask Wipes cleaner – Keep your cpap clean with this all natural cpap cleaning solution for cpap masks, hoses & other cpap accessories. Derived from all natural plant extracts, the Contour CPAP Wipes are alcohol free making them safe and easy for everyday use!
  • CPAP Hose Cover – Not only does the quilted hose cover provide a less clinical feel to your PAP therapy regimen, but also helps eliminate your cpap hose from buildup and condensation. The zippered hose cover easily zips onto your 6ft cpap tube to stop your “rain-out”.
  • Extended 32" Length Folding Wedge – According to the US National Library of Medical National Institute study on elevated sleeping posture which found that elevating your torso has been helpful for those who suffer from obstructed pathways. Our bed wedge allows you to sleep comfortably in a gradual, elevated incline. The extra-long 32” length bed wedge accommodates your full torso providing your back with proper support and alignment throughout the night. The Folding Wedge also folds for convenience storage under your bed or in your closet!

Other Details

Product Dimesnions:
20 x 13 x 5
Bundle Includes:
CPAPMax Pillow 2.0, CPAPMax Pillow Case (white), CPAP Mask Wipes, CPAP Hose Cover & Extended Length Folding Wedge
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Warranty Information

Contour Customer Care 1 Year Warranty, plus Easy Returns!


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    My Fight Is Over

    Posted by Mary on 30th Nov 2016

    Edema/Acid Reflux and sleep apnea, doctors and physical therapist say I have to keep elevation to the head of my bed. My sweet husband elevated the head of the bed but could not sleep on it. Missing him at night, he put the bed on the floor flat again but then I struggled with altering a pile of pillows. Now, I have the best of both, my husband back at nights and the perfect position for my health. MY FIGHT IS OVER! Thank you