Inflatable Leg Rest Cushion

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The only patented leg rest cushion designed by a physician and based on science. The Lounge Doctor leg wedge pillow is the only patented leg elevation pillow which correctly positions the lower extremities in order to maximize venous and lymphatic flow. It's very comfortable and compact size is deal for travel and minimal storage.

Inflatable Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™

The only patented leg rest designed by a Physician and based on science.

This leg wedge pillow is the only patented leg elevation pillow which correctly positions the lower extremities in order to maximize venous and lymphatic flow.   it is ergonomically designed to place your knees at a 25 degree angle, thighs at 40 degrees, and legs tilted at 15 degrees.  The shape is contoured to your legs for maximimum comfort.   Completely portable - inflates and deflates quickly and easily and fits in any luggage for travel.

The Inflatable Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is 21" wide

Leg elevation is great for increasing circulation, for vein issues and leg swelling, back pain, injury, pregnancy, and many more applications.

How to use:

  • The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ is designed to be used on the couch or on a bed. The size and shape of the product were designed to account for how a person’s weight causes them to settle some when relaxing on a couch or in bed.
  • The calf should rest comfortably in the pocket created by the leg rest, with the knee centered over the convex curve of the leg rest.
  • The heel should hang over the edge of the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™. This is to prevent pressure on the heel which can be uncomfortable and can even create a pressure sore.
  • Ideally, the back should be flat so that the leg is elevated above the heart. If you get short of breath while lying flat, it is OK to elevate your back some as needed.

7 Reviews

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    Took on Italy trip!

    Posted by Dotty on 16th Aug 2017

    I took this on a trip to Italy as it was small enough to pack easily. Also didn't need to deflate it when we stayed two or more nights in the same hotel.
    It really saved my legs and back!
    The only question I have is whether it is washable or not. I no longer have the literature that came with it.


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    Very Pleased with this Product

    Posted by Kate on 11th May 2017

    I am recovering from a broken ankle and need to keep my foot/leg up as much as possible. I bought this inflatable leg rest because we were going on a weekend trip and I was concerned about sleeping at relatives' houses without proper elevation. I like this so much I came home and set it up in my bed to use at night. The angles and contours fit just right and my heel just hangs over the edge. My back had been hurting because I had a pile of pillows, but my knees were not slightly bent, which protects the lower back. This was absolutely worth the $46 and I would recommend it to anyone with a similar injury who needs elevation to avoid swelling. I was confused about the sizing as it was a Small that came and I did not see any choices for sizing. I am 5'6" but have pretty short legs and a long torso. Luckily the one that came fits me very well, but if I were taller or had really long legs, it wouldn't. You really need to scoot your butt right up to the pillow edge to get the correct angle with knees slightly bent, so if you have long legs, your feet and calves would hang off without enough support. I would call the company before ordering to inquire about the medium and large sizes.

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    Good product but misleading on SIZES

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2017

    The pillow is as described and the webpage has no size option. I received a Small and saw that the manufacture's packaging recommends different size pillows for different size people. A Large would have been a better fit. Still better than stacking bed pillows, but size does matter. Take your chances or go direct to the manufacturer.

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    Total Comfort!

    Posted by Karla Dumas on 4th Mar 2017

    I love my pillow! I have purchased other brands in the past and none have been as thoroughly comfortable as this one. I do not regret this purchase. Also, blowing it up by mouth was not difficult at all, I am 70 and a former smoker.

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    comfortable, maybe too small as advertised

    Posted by K Krug on 10th May 2016

    We tried various things piled one on top of the other to get correct angles, finally found this, apparently the only product that agrees with our doctor about "ankles higher than knees, knees higher than chest." It's comfortable, but maybe a bit too small, maybe should have got next size up to make it fit like the pictures.

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    Awesome Product!

    Posted by Susan on 13th Feb 2016

    By far the best product on the market. i am a flight attendant and take with me on all my trips. It reduces my swelling.

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Karlad on 7th Jan 2016

    I have the foam version as well as the inflatable Leg Rest. This product has done wonders for me.

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