CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 For PAP Therapy Users

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that your friend or loved one, who has been prescribed CPAP Therapy to treat Sleep Apnea, is struggling with sleepiness and a lack of energy. Your friend likely complains about discomfort from mask pressure, mask shifting and pesky air leaks that disrupt sleep and cause dry eyes. While he or she recognizes the importance of treating their Sleep Apnea condition, they find that the obstacles to using CPAP Therapy treatment can be almost as worse as the condition itself. Your friend is likely frustrated, tired and not using their CPAP Therapy as prescribed. Fortunately there is a simple, inexpensive solution that can provide your friend or loved one with immediate help. If this sounds familiar, there is help for your PAP user! The CPAPMax 2.0 is the answer!

Be a hero! Give the gift of health and a great nights sleep!

The health risks assoiciated with Sleep Apnea, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association, can be severe. left untreated, Sleep Apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and depression, among other things. Help your friend or loved one get the maximum benefits of PAP with this easy solution! The CPAPMax 2.0 pillow minimizes struggles with treatment and will help your friend sleep in maximum comfort and compliance from the first night of use.

With 4 adjustable height options, contoured side cutouts, ventilated memory foam and a hose tether, you can both say hello to a great night’s sleep!

  • The color coded adjustable layers inside the CPAPMax 2.0 allow the user to customize the pillow for the perfect height and support level that fit them specifically, offering maximum comfort.  A concave center offers neck support that improves airway alignment for better oxygen flow throughout the night.  Choose from 2 ¼” up to 5 ¼” in height, while adjusting the layers to your preferred firmness.
  • Ventilated memory foam with cool air technology keeps them cool all night.
  • With a Premium Double-Sided Pillow cover, your PAP user can choose the memory foam side with Cool 3D Mesh Air flow or the plush hypoallergenic fiberfill side with the soft micro-fiber pillow top.  The removeable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Complete side cutouts provide a pressure free zone for PAP masks that helps prevent mask shifting, which causes mask leaks and loud noises, dry eyes and uncomfortable mask lines.
  • The Hose Tether offers the freedom of movement throughout the night by keeping the PAP mask where it belongs on the face, reducing the need to overtighten the masks straps. The hose tether keeps the mask on the user’s face where it belongs, eliminating those leaks and loud noises that wake you both up at night!

No matter what your loved one’s preferred sleeping position is, they will benefit from using the CPAPMax pillow. For side and stomach sleepers, the contoured side cutouts reduce facial pressure and mask interference, while back and side sleepers will receive the orthopedic head and neck support needed to properly align the airway for optimum comfort.  Without mask shifting, leaks and noises throughout the night, the increased length and quality of sleep will reduce your loved one’s health risks and leave you BOTH well rested, with more energy and focus.

According to the CDC, “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” Sleep deprivation affects mood, weight and memory. Here at Contour, we value sleep and we want your loved one to get the best sleep that you need to live a healthy life. If your loved one is no sleeping well at night because of their PAP therapy, they are not getting the sleep that is vital to their wellbeing. The CPAPMax 2.0 was designed with this in mind! The CPAPMax pillow makes PAP therapy easy, so your loved one will be comfortable, compliant and QUIET throughout the night. Then end result? They wake up feeling rested and refreshed, has reduced their health risks associated with untreated sleep apnea and your support aided in their successful PAP therapy!

3 Reviews

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    Improved Compliance As Soon As I Started Using It!

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 29th Aug 2017

    I was having issues keeping the mask on for more than a few hours each night. This was not deliberate. I would just wake up and find that I took the mask off and went back to sleep. This product helped me immediately. After 2weeks, i was able to go 13 out of 14 nights and my numbers are on the rise. It's an easy solution and money well spent.

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    I Would Have Given Up

    Posted by Carol on 29th Aug 2017

    This pillow is wonderful. I am new to the CPAP and having difficulties both mentally and physically getting used to the mask. I sleep on my side and could only sleep on my back with a normal pillow. I was ready to give up as my back and neck were so sore. My husband found this pillow on line, ordered to try. Amazing can sleep on my side and I am 2 months into my CPAP therapy. Recommend this pillow to anyone.

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    Love this pillow

    Posted by Contour Living Customer on 29th Aug 2017

    Would use it even if I didn't have a face mask. The strap keeps the hose in the right place. You can easily adjust the height. You have 2 sides to consider. I like the polyester side better. It doesn't flatten out like other pillows. I don't have as much problem with the mask leaking. That is because I have to learn how to sleep closer to the edge so the mask is off the pillow. That will come with time. I am going to get a different mask to reduce what little leakage there is.

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