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Contour Half Roll Foam Bolster Pillow

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Ever try sleeping on a bed wedge with your current pillow and it tilts your head forward, possibly causing snoring? Or maybe you opt for no pillow at all which puts painful pressure on your neck as you lay in dis-alignment? Stop struggling with sleep, and let Contour make you more comfortable with our support foam half roll pillow. The Contour Half Roll Pillow is the perfect pillow for sleeping elevated as it provides ergonomic support which cradles your neck in orthopedic comfort.
  • Use in Any Sleep or Rest Position – Great for sleeping on back, side or stomach
  • Orthopedic Cervical Neck Support – maintains your alignment when laying flay or on a bed wedge to help alleviate pressure points that cause pain and discomfort
  • Perfect Pillow for Bed Wedges – maintain proper sleeping posture and enhance your breathing at night while sleeping elevated
  • Gently Elevates Your Knees – eliminate the need for large bulky wedges, and elevate your knees discreetly with the Contour Half Roll Pillow while reducing pressure on your hips and back
  • Enhanced Lumbar Support – simply slide behind your back while in your chair or car for proper seating alignment while it supports your lumbar
  • Plus, Perfect for Travel – Whether you are a road tripper, or have kids that fall asleep on the shortest run to the grocery, this pillow is perfect for providing premium comfort in the car or even at a campsite in a sleeping bag without having to bring bulky travel or bed pillow
  • Removable, Washable Zippered Cover – made out of a soft breathable fabric, this cover may be removed and machine washed to keep clean
  • USE TWO for full roll support!

Product Description

Sleeping Elevated on a Bed Wedge or Adjustable Mattress? You Need This Pillow for Perfect Spine Alignment

At Contour, we understand the importance of maintaining alignment and posture throughout the day and night and the relief it has on the body and our internal functions. Many people who sleep on wedges either use a normal bed pillow or no pillow which puts pressure on their neck and esophagus causing painful pressure that ultimately causes pain or breathing issues.

The ergonomic shape provides corrective support to keep you properly aligned throughout the night while sleeping elevated. So ditch the bulky foam or fiber pillows that prevent you from getting the comfort you need with your wedge, and give yourself orthopedic comfort throughout the night!

While designed for bed wedge comfort and alignment to provide superior cervical neck support, it also can be used as a knee and leg wedge pillow to gently elevate your knees or enhanced lumbar support when sitting in your chair or in the car!


Multi-Functional Half Roll Half Moon Shaped Bolster Pillow for Your Neck, Knees or Back

Position yourself for a great nights slight with the Contour Half Roll Bolster Pillow to provide cushioning support without the bulk of big foam wedges are long traditional bolster pillows. Made from a plush support foam, this multi-functional pillow provides long lasting comfort and support.

  • Side sleeper pillow – who need a pillow between their legs & knees to eliminate bone on bone rubbing through the night & maintain proper alignment to avoid joint rotation.
  • Back sleeper pillow – who want to gently elevate their knees to relieve lower back & hip pressure with a leg pillow under their knees.
  • Stomach sleeper pillow – now can sleep while maintaining proper cervical neck support and sleep in plush comfort.
  • Perfect for Your Seat for Lower Back Lumbar Support – whether you are working from home or in the office, or traveling – this bolster pillow provides comfort and support for your lumbar spine so you can sit in proper alignment taking the pressure off your lower back to help alleviate pressure points and pain discomfort.

Looking for additional support? Combine 2 together to make a full roll foam cushion pillow!

Other Details

12 x 7 x 4

Warranty Information

Contour Customer Care 1 Year Warranty, plus Easy Returns!


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    half roll bolster pillow

    Posted by Larry on 14th Feb 2021

    I have one of these that came with the Back Max wedge and after several years, it needed to be replaced. The new one has a different cover, but is fine. I'm just glad to have a replacement.