Contour Bamboo Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers

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The contoured shaped cervical support pillow is an orthopedic support pillow for back or side sleepers. The Contour Bamboo Cervical Pillow gently cradles your head and neck for all night comfort and support to help reduce neck discomfort and cervical pain.
  • 100% Memory foam contours to your specific shape
  • Cradles your head and neck to provide alignment to eliminate pressure points
  • Comforts shoulders with its crescent shape neck cutout
  • Includes removable, washable bamboo cover
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Bamboo Cervical Support Pillow Cradles Your Shape to Align Your Spine

Orthopedic design cradles your neck, comforts your shoulders and soothes your back!

Waking up with neck pain each night? Stop struggling with shoulder and cervical discomfort with the orthopedic Cervical Bamboo pillow. Designed from 100% Memory, the bamboo pillow contours to your unique shape to provide you cradling support and comfort throughout the night. The unique crescent neck cutout allows your shoulders & neck to rest without strain or discomfort to help keep you aligned throughout the night. The orthopedic bamboo pillow design eliminates your pressure points so you can get the comfort you need.

  • Crescent shape cutout cradles your head, neck and shoulders for superior comfort
  • Orthopedic design aligns your spine for improved sleeping posture
  • Position your head & neck for excellent support
  • Includes, soft, breathable,washable bamboo pillow case

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