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MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge
  • Versatile wedge system that can be used to support you in various positions.
  • Change position to fully support back for reading and watching TV
  • Works great as a bed incline
  • Place under knees for elevated support
  • At least 5 cushions in one!
  • Flip cushions to elevate legs and feet
  • Unique reading position
  • New grey Fabric Color!
  • Elevate your legs to help promote better blood circulation
  • Cushions Zipper together for multi - positioning
  • Ergonomic cutout to support your head comfortably.
  • Multi-Position Wedge Cushion
  • Comfortable memory foam layer on top of support foam inner cushion
  • Ergonomic design offers needed support in variety of positions
  • Constructed from a support foam core surrounded in a plush memory foam shell for optimal support and comfort
  • 5 Comfort and Support Cushions in One

The amazing MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge is 5 comfort products in 1! Elevate and support your legs, knees, torso and back plus cushion your seat!

The MiniMax consists of two separate pieces, combining both a back and leg support with a seat cushion. These pieces can be used individually or zippered together and arranged in various positions to support your body while sleeping, relaxing, watching TV, playing video games or reading. Read More...

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Versatile Wedge Offers 5 Comfort Products In One!

Choose your position sleep, relaxation, comfort and support!  The MiniMax Multi-Position cushion has an innovative hinged design which allows a variety of positions to elevate and support virtually your entire body.   Use as a tradtional bed and back wedge in two different heights, place under knees or legs and feet, or use the seat cushion to vary the height of each position.    Each section zips apart for complete flexibility - use them separately or together.  

The inner foam consists of support grade foam topped with a luxurious layer of memory foam for comfort.  Outer cover is a textured two-tone which is easily removable for machine washing.   The wedge cushion is a hinged design and can be used with or without the seat cushion.  The smart design of the seat cushion adds height to the wedge in most configurations, adds stability to the wedges when used under the body, or can be used seperately as s seat cushion. The entire set is lightweight and compact, so it takes up minimal storage space, and you won't have to worry about 5 different wedges cluttering up your bed and closets!

MiniMax Multi Position Wedge Combines 5 Support Products In One

Choose Your Position

The MiniMax not only provides superior support and comfort for your legs, knees, torso, back and seat, but by combining 5 different products into 1, it saves you space and money.

  • Elevate your legs for soothing comfort of tired calves and sore back
  • Elevate your knees - provides doctor recommended 30°
  • Elevate your torso (esophagus above stomach) to reduce symptoms associated with acid reflux, GERD or indigestion
  • Elevate your back for more comfortable reading, gaming, and watching TV
  • Cushion your seat for extra comfort on any seating surface
  • This product qualifies four our extended returns guarantee!



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