Warranty Claims

At Contour Living, we not only strive for great comfort, but great products as well. We offer a 1 year warranty to cover any damage or defects. *Note* - Inflatable products are covered under our manufacturer's warranty for 90 days. If you are not satisfied, we are not doing our job.

How To Make A Contour Products Warranty Claim

For any Contour warranty claim, you can contact us directly at 800-950-0230 to initiate your claim, or you can email us directly at To start the replacement process for your warranty, you will need to provide us with the following information.

Let us know where you purchased your item from

  • (Please let us know if is was from our Amazon store or another retailer, which you can find by looking at your order in Amazon)
  • Contour Living on Ebay
  • Other Retailer (other online website, local supplier etc.)

Provide valid proof of purchase

  • If you purchased this directly from us, please provide us with your Contour Living order number
  • If this was purchased the item from an outside company, please provide a receipt for the transaction so we can validate the purchase date

Picture(s) of your product damage

This will help us determine the product defect and the replacement or repair that needs to be made.

Best Way To Contact You

If you are mailing us your warranty information, please provide your name, and contact info that you can be reached at. This way if our Customer Care center has any questions or updated on your warranty claim, you can be reached.

What Comes Next?

After we receive all the information listed above from you, we will let you know whether the product is under warranty and covered by our warranty policy, or provide you with other replacement options.

If your item is Covered Under Warranty, we will cover the cost in replacing/repairing the product for you.

If your item is Not Covered Under Warranty, we will offer you replacement or repair options that you may find suitable.