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Discontinued: SpineDok Deluxe Package

Spine Dok Complete Back Stretch System


Sorry, this item is no longer available

This Deluxe System includes everything you need to perform daily back stretches and exercises, relieving upper and lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, and better posture.

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The SpineDok™ System utilizes gravity and your body's own weight to safely and gradually stretch your entire back. The patent-pending curvature of the base unit provides a firm structure for conditioning of both upper and lower regions of the back and also relief to tight neck and shoulder muscles. The Deluxe System combines the best features of the SpineDok™ options and is their best seller. Simply resting on the SpineDok™ System for just 5 minutes each day will provide relief from back pain, develop better posture, loosen neck and shoulder muscles and promote a better quality of life!

  • Perfect for daily stretch and strengthening of back
  • Can relieve back pain and discomfort, headaches, improve posture and help achieve better fitness
  • Includes the SpineDok™ base, comfort hot & cold gel pack, 3-piece riser set for advanced stretching, a floor pillow, instructional DVD with back exercises and a handy exercise guide
  • SpineDok™ Back Stretch System is backed by a 5 Year Warranty!
  • Made in USA

The Spinedok is the Only Back Stretching Device to relieve both upper and lower back and spine pain, relieve neck pain, and laterally stretch the upper chest. Plus, it offers an instructional DVD with exercises, hot and cold therapy while you stretch with the enclosed gel pack, a neck pillow, advanced stretch risers and a manufacturer-backed five year warranty!

Only SpineDok™ combines holistic methods for pain and tension relief for chronically tight shoulders, neck, upper and lower back. Lying on the SpineDok™ arch allows the forces of gravity to gently open up the vertebrae of the spine. When the apex (highest point) of these asymmetrical curves is positioned around the area of the T4 vertebrate, the SpineDok™ helps to open up, stretch, and relax the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. When the apex is placed under the user's spine near the bottom of the rib cage, SpineDok™ relaxes, stretches, and opens up the lower back. Additionally, The SpineDok’s™ smooth curves also activate and massage acupressure points along your spine as you stretch.