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Security Policy


Contour Living promotes the highest levels of security for safe shopping online. Our store features a high assurance extended validation SSL, which secures our order processing and is verified daily by GeoTrust, who secures more Alexa Top 1 million domains than any other service provided according to a Netcraft Survey. Our SSL Certificate chains to GeoTrust’s Equifax Secure Certificate Authority trusted root and which facilitate secure electronic commerce by providing limited authentication of a Subscriber's server and permitting SSL encrypted transactions between a relying Party's browser and the Subscriber's server. In addition, GeoTrust may also enable the Certificate for use as a client Certificate.

In layman's terms, the SSL deeply encrypts all data you enter and pass through the website, for example, “Hi” would look something like this: 5g5d1463hgw87hhjxx58\h3fgfg8jd6s8ja85…


A payment processor is how we securely conduct transactions through the site, by using both Authorize.Net and Paypal payment processing. In order to protect you further we implement both Address Verification Services as well as Card Code Verification. Giving you peace of mind when shopping online


Contour Products have been a BBB verified company since May of 1993, along with our withstanding with the BBB, we consistently strive to keep that accreditation with each and every consumer as well. As we maintain our A+ rating with the BBB, we in hopes are serving you just as well as the grade states, if you have any questions comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us directly, or email us customerserv@contourliving.com.