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The 3-in-1 Kabooti® donut seat cushion is a revolutionary donut pillow that provides comfort and support no matter where you sit. Whether you are looking for a medical cushion for relief from issues such as hemorrhoids, tailbone injuries, post-surgery recovery or to alleviate the pressure or other seating discomforts from long hours in the office or car, the Kabooti® Seat Cushion provides relief all day long. The donut cushion design, generous coccyx cutout and seating wedge shape, the Kabooti® is an ergonomic solution with orthopedic relief!

The Kabooti® 3-in-1 Seat is perfect for those looking for relief from:
  • Hemorrhoids, Piles or Other Bottom Pressure Sensitivity
  • Lower Back Pain or Lumbar Discomfort
  • Pregnancy Relief or Post-Natal Recovery
  • Sore Tailbone or Coccyx Pain Due To Injury
  • Perineal Wounds
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • General Seating Discomfort
  • Plus Much More!
With its removable, washable 2 way stretch cover, the Kabooti® whether you are using it as a donut cushion, tailbone cushion or as a seating wedge, no one ever knows you are sitting on anything other than a standard seat cushion!

Product Description

kabooti-donut-seat-relief-better-donut-cushion.jpgThe Donut Seat That Makes Other Donut Pillows Obsolete!

It’s a fact that 3 out of every 4 people will experience hemorrhoids or some other type of seating pain or discomfort in their life. Foam ring cushions have been the doctor recommended answer to seating relief. Unfortunately, with traditional foam ring cushions, sitting has continued to be a pain in the butt (literally)! The tradition hemorrhoid seat cushion continues to put pressure on the tailbone, instability, discomfort for males because of the design and even embarrassment from the donut pillow design.

The Kabooti Seat Cushion is an innovative 3 cushions in 1 solution to comfort your sore and sensitive areas no matter where you site. The Kabooti is an ergonomic seat cushion that combines the best features of a ring shaped donut pillow, a tailbone cushion and a traditional seating wedge and combines them into 1. Our Kabooti is has a completely reinvented ergonomic design to provide you comfort and support all day long, no matter where you are.

Why the Kabooti Is the Best Donut Seat in the House

With so many seating cushions available, and each focusing on one specific pain point, the Kabooti features the best of all worlds in providing a comfortable seating solution for those who sit long term in pain without comfort & relief. The Kabooti seat’s 8 unique, orthopedic features provides all day relief no matter if you are sitting at your desk, in your car or truck, or even at the stadium for the big game!

Advantages of the Kabooti Seat Cushion

  • Sculpted Surface – Contours to your unique body shape and even distributes your body weight to alleviate pressure points while sitting
  • Larger Center Opening - Provides comfort and relief for those struggling with hemorrhoids, recent surgeries or other sore bottom pressures
  • Innovative Stability Lobes – As humans we don’t sit still when we are sitting (for the most part), these lobes improve our seating balance and ensures we stay in a proper seating position – improved balance over tradition ring shaped donuts.
  • Tapered Front Edge – Reduces the pressure on your thighs from sitting
  • Male/Female Recess – To provide a pressure free area for your specific anatomy providing added comfort for your seat
  • Ergonomic Wedge Shape Cushion – Promotes better seating posture which helps reduce pain points in your lower back.
  • Generous Coccyx Cutout – Reduces tailbone pressure for coccyx injuries and prolonged seating relief.
  • Machine Washable 2-Way Stretch Cover – Easily removable, and washable. The cover features a handle sewn into it to make it easier to travel with. Also makes your cushion discreet, only you know you are sitting on a donut!


Kabooti Donut Seat – The donut feature of the Contour Products Kabooti seating cushion provides a large center cutout to help alleviate pressure for sore sensitive bottom areas. This provides a pressure free zone while you sit, giving you a comfortable seating solution for those suffering from:

  • Hemorrhoids or Piles
  • Post-Natal Recovery
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Perineal Wounds
  • Testicular Pain

Kabooti Coccyx Cushion – The Kabooti features a large cutout for your tailbone area which prevents compression of your coccyx and lower back. By reducing pressure in that area with the support the Kabooti offers, you now have the ability to sit long hours in your car, desk or other seating surface without pain. Perfect for those suffering from:

  • Tailbone pain
  • Coccyx injuries

Kabooti Comfort Seat Wedge – The tapered design of the Kabooti makes it an effective seating wedge. The Kabooti slightly tilts your pelvic region forward, which promotes proper seating posture. With your thighs at a slight angle, it reduces pressure points in your lower back and helps prevent pressure in your lower back, making the Kabooti a perfect solution for those experiencing:

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip/Pelvis Discomfort
  • Thigh/Leg Pressure or Numbness Due to Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Other Details

Product Dimensions:
Standard & ICE: 13 x 17 x 2.75" H (tapering to 1.5"H in front) The Large Size is 20" Wide.
Cover Material:
Return Policy:
45 Days, Fees Waived
1 Year MFG - Covered by Contour Care Program
Tailbone Pain||Coccyx Pain||Hemorrhoids||Back Pain||Sciatica||Post-Partum Discomfort||Perineal Wounds||Testicular Pain||
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Warranty Information

Contour Customer Care 1 Year Warranty, plus Easy Returns!



  • 5
    Kabooti 3-in-1 donut seat cushion

    Posted by Neva Gressmen on 3rd Aug 2019

    Well made and size is perfect. Cushion just a bit firmer than I would have preferred but does work well in my car. Well made as well as the cover Your customer service in every way is some of the best for sure as was the young woman. Prompt delivery which I appreciated. Thanks

  • 3
    It seems to be okay. I have a herniated disc and I try not to sit for a long period of time.

    Posted by Joanne Russo on 31st Mar 2019

    I haven't used the gel.

  • 3
    Donut cushion seat

    Posted by Peggy Ferrante on 21st Feb 2019

    the seat is too small for me. **Customer Service Response** Hello Peggy, We do sell a wider version of this cushion that you may find to be better suited to you and your needs. We can definitely arrange for an exchange for you if you would like. Thank you, Lisa

  • 4
    Kabooti Seat Cushion w. Gel Pack

    Posted by Jerry from NE on 24th Jan 2019

    I was introduced to this cushion by a chiropractic firm that my daughter works for. The reason for using this cushion was because of two different surgeries that I had done. One was performed in September on my lower back and the other was done in November for Prostate cancer. The cushion was a blessing to have because it made the sitting alot better and it also made you sit up straighter instead of slouching. The cushion is made with a section cut out in the back portion for your spine/tailbone which relieves pressure on the spine which worked great for the lower back surgery. It also worked well on the other surgery that I had done, because this seat has an insert that the icy gel pack fits into. I used the gel pack to soothe the pain which worked great. The one thing I leanred about using the icy gel pack is to let it set out of the freezer for about 15 minutes before installing it into the cushion insert area, otherwise it was to stiff to set on and it applied too much pressure around the area the surgery was done. This cushion also has a washable outer liner which makes it easy to clean up if needed. It i was to rate this cushion 0 being on the low side and 10 being on the high side, I would give it a 9. It really worked for me and I'm still using it today and work and home.

  • 5
    I Love It!

    Posted by Shirley on 4th Dec 2018

    I love this product! In fact, I let my younger sister try it and she loved it so much she took mine so I have to have another one. We play pitch three times a week after exercise and it is a real life saver. I take it every where I go.

  • 5
    Kabooti Cushion

    Posted by Darlene on 24th Oct 2018

    I have already purchased 4 of your Kabooti cushions and I can’t thank you enough. I was diagnosed with a pelvic stress fracture and got little to no relief until I found your cushion. As a result of using the Kabooti every time I sit, my pelvis has healed and my pain is gone. I have recommended the cushion to others who were sceptical at first, but they aren’t anymore since purchasing your cushion. More people should know about this fabulous product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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