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Contour Inflatable Wedges

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Top Common Questions

How Do I Clean an Inflatable Wedge?
The Contour Inflatable Bed Wedges can be wiped down with a cloth with some dishsoap and water.
My Inflatable Wedge Will Not Hold Air, What Should I do?
If you find your wedge is not holding air, take a look at the valve and make sure the valve's Air Release tab is not locked open in deflate. Ensure your valve cap is sealed tight. If you are still experiencing leaking issues, please contact our Customer Support Team for further troubleshooting techniques.
What Can I Use To Inflate This Unit?
To inflatable the unit, you can use the hand held manual pump that came with the unit, or a small AC powered hand held electric air pump. DO NOT use an Air Compressor as that may cause users to over inflate the wedge, causing stress and possible ripping of the seams.
Can I Over Inflatate the Wedge?
Unlike our Mattress Genie line that has built in safe guards to over inflatation designed into the mechanics of the motor, our Standard Inflatable Bed Wedges can be poppped if you push too much air into the system and apply pressure (body weight) to the unit.
Will This Fit in A Suitcase?
The nice thing about our inflatable wedges is you can take them anywhere as they fit in any purse, bookbag or suitcase.
Is This the Same As The One I Saw On TV?
No. The one users may have seen on TV was our generic wedge. The one we offer to consumers through our selling channels has a specialty valve build into the wedges unit, versus a standard pool float type air valve. The Contour 2-in-1 Inflatable Wedges allow you to easily inflate and adjust the firmness (also way better at keeping air locked in).

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