Affiliate Program

Join Contour Products Affiliate Program and start earning money today!

Contour Products maintains an active affiliate program via the Share-a-Sale network. We invite you to join - Simply click here to get started.

Contour Products is a internationally recognized manufacturer and retailer of Contour branded products. Brand names include Contour CPAP Pillows, Contour Cloud® pillows, Mattress Genie®, BackMax® cushion lounger, Kabooti Seat Cushions and and many more. Leverage your web traffic by joining our program and offering our products to your traffic.

All sales through the Contour Living web site can earn you a generous 10%, plus commissions are earned for every customer returning up to 45 days later! All tracking, payments, and program management is easily accessed via the Share-a-Sale network.

We are very interested in building relationships within related industries. If you have a web store, back or health topic related sites or community, newsletter, or other site and would like to explore special opportunities for cross marketing and revenue generation, send an email to