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The CPAPMax Sleep Apnea Pillow

SAVE 10% By Purchasing the CPAPMax Comfort Kit (includes CPAPMax pillow, Slip Cover, Mask Wipes and Hose Cover). Covered by a 2 year warranty, the CPAPMax pillow has been proven to be not only a comfortable pillow but an effective pillow for oxygen mask users alike. This pillow is constructed out of 3 layers of foam. One layer is constructed out of memory foam, the bottom layer is constructed out of tradition foam with a 1 inch thick middle insert that you can remove to adjust your pillows height from a 5 inch to a 4 inch high pillow. The CPAPMax includes a 3D mesh cover, to keep you cooler at night.


The Original Contour CPAP Pillow

Sleep comfortably and in compliance with your CPAP Therapy nightly with our Contour CPAP pillow. This pillow is available in both 4 inch or 5 inch heights allowing you to choose your perfect level of comfortness. Sleep apnea patients who wear some sort of CPAP, biPAP or APAP other oxygen mask will love the indented sides to the pillow that helps prevent mask leaking, facial pressure or condensation and "rain outs". This pillow was designed specifically for oxygen patients in mind. Don't Forget, Save 10% by purchasing any of our Contour CPAP Comfort Kits.

Sleep In Total Comfort With Our CPAP Pillows
  • $79.99 $59.95
    Features two large cut-outs on either side of pillow

  • $120.00 $89.99
    All your favorite CPAP products bundled together

  • $65.00 $49.95
    Contour CPAP Pillow

  • $98.00 $76.49
    Everything you need to make CPAP therapy more comfortable

  • $59.99 $49.99
    Fiber filled CPAP pillow with gussetted sides