Breakthrough CPAP Pillow that helps

Eliminate Mask Leaks

I Slept Through the Night Without Waking Once!

This pillow is easily accommodates a side sleeper. I have struggled with my mask (full mask) slipping and leaking while I sleep with a normal pillow. The edge cut-outs in this pillow keep the mask off the pillow. The memory foam is great, and for me, the total height of the pillow was perfect. It is adjustable as you can take out 1 or 2 layers of foam. The cool-foam side is an added bonus. I can't wait to use that this summer! I slept through the night without waking once the very first night I received this pillow. ----from: Steve P of Pitts, PA ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Top 3 Reasons Your Mask Leaks

Mask Shifting & Discomfort

Comfort is a struggle for those using PAP masks. From super tight straps as an attempt to keep your mask in place, users experiece mask shifting which causes leaks, noise and dry eyes!

Hose Pulling On Your Mask

Your hose creates pressure on your mask. Throughout the night, you toss and turn and your hose ends up tugging at your mask causing mask air leaks (even when your mask straps are tight) !

Buildup Around Mask Pads

Dirt & oils keep your mask from sealing correctly. Some cpap mask cleaners also eat away at your mask pads which also leaks. They say cleanliness & comfort are the secrets to PAP compliance!

3 Vital Ways The CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 Stops CPAP Mask Air Leaks

Eliminates Mask Shifting

The side cutouts of the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 are designed to allow CPAP users to sleep on their side, back or stomach without interference from their pillow. While allowing CPAP Masks to rest freely in a pressure free zone, it prevents the mask from shifting, or putting pressure on your face. Perfect solution for those who are looking for a CPAP pillow for side sleepers!

Reduces Mask Pressure

The extended hose tether is built right into the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 which prevents your hose from pulling down or tugging at your mask. By eliminating the weght of your hose, your mask stays in place through the night. Switching from side to side? No worries, the hose tether keeps your hose away from your face so you can move freely.

Improves Your Comfort

The CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 is designed to help improve your comfort so you can stay complaint longer. Providing you with adjustable comfort & support for proper positioning and airflow - you get the sleep you need. Designed with 2 unique sleeping surfaces & 3 layers of ventilated foam for adjustable height - it's like the cpap pillow was built just for you!

We know CPAP is a struggle each night, and its a nightmare to attempt to get comfortable let alone any sleep. That is why the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 is most often recommended CPAP bed pillow for PAP users . This unique CPAP Bed Pillow is a designed to accomodate all mask types and improve your overall comfort & compliance. No matter if you are a side, back, stomach or multi-positional sleeper, the Contour Products CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 is designed to accomodate you for PAP therapy improvement. You may be one of the thousands of CPAP users who struggle with CPAP Mask Leaks every night and look for ways to stop them. Thinking the issue is with your mask may mean that you are unaware of the issues that your pillow, mask or hose may be causing.

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