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Mediflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow
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Therapeutic,patented Waterbase design, supports your head and neck while responding to changing sleep positions!

The Mediflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow is a premium hypoallergenic fiber pillow which cushions the head and neck. The secure Waterbase (water filled bladder inside the pillow) responds instantly to movement. This exclusive Waterbase design enables patients to adjust firmness to your desired comfort level. Simply adjust the water level in the Waterbase bladder for optimum cervical and head support.

  • The Mediflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow provides a layer of super-soft, premium hypoallergenic fiber cushioning for the head and neck, providing outstanding support and comfort.
  • Clinically shown to reduce neck pain - Read the John Hopkins report here
  • Exclusive Waterbase design allows each patient to adjust firmness, from soft to firm, by simply adjusting water level
  • Easy to follow directions show how much water to add for soft, medium and firm support.
  • Uses ordinary tap water and does not require any chemical additives.
  • Secure Waterbase pouch immediately responds to your movements during the night, providing constant head and neck support
  • Jumbo Size: 20" x 28" - Fits standard and queen size pillow cases

When on your back, the Mediflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow cradles the neck and provides outstanding support in all directions. As you move and/or change sleeping position, the water instantly adjusts to maintain correct head and neck support with outstanding comfort.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

On February 6, 1997, a peer-reviewed clinical study on the therapeutic effectiveness of cervical pillows, released by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, revealed that the Mediflow® water pillow was associated with reduced morning pain intensity, increased pain relief and improved quality of sleep. When compared to the participants own pillows and a roll pillow, the study also showed that the Mediflow water pillow was significantly better for overall satisfaction.

"To be recognized by a published Johns Hopkins School of Medicine peer-reviewed clinical study is a great honor for our company", said Maurice Bard, Chief Executive Officer of Mediflow, Inc. "There is no higher form of medical proof than a peer-reviewed clinical study and there is not a more recognized name in medicine than the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine."

Cervical Pain: A Comparison of Three Pillows, Lavin RA. Research conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation February 1997.

Logan College of Chiropratic

On January 16, 1996, Director of Research and Ergonomics Gary E. Sanders, PhD reported the results of the following study on the Mediflow® water pillow: 104 subjects were given the Mediflow® water pillow, pre-filled with 128 ounces of water, and were asked to sleep with it for seven consecutive nights. Each subject was then asked to complete a five item survey regarding their impression of the Mediflow® water pillow. The results of the survey showed.

    • Sixty-eight percent of the subjects felt the Mediflow® water pillow was better than the pillow they normally used.
    • Sixty-eight percent of the subjects said the quality of their sleep improved when using the Mediflow® water pillow.
    • Ninety percent of the subjects said they would continue to use the Mediflow® water pillow.
    • Eighty-four percent of the subjects rated the Mediflow® water pillow 8 or better on a 10 point scale. (10 being the highest satisfaction).

Quality of Sleep Findings, Logan College of Chiropractic. Poster presentation at the Conference of Chiropractic Research and Education, June 1996 San Diego, USA.

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