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Sleep In Total Comfort With These Leg Pillows

Contour Living presents ergonomic leg, knee and hip pillows designed to fit your lower body support needs. Our leg pillows are designed to relieve lower back pain, relax muscles and reduce pressure on hips, knees and ankles. In fact, we created the knee pillow almost 20 years ago and it has been a best-seller ever since!

  • $40.00 $19.95
    Two separate cushions - a leg pillow and a lumbar support

  • $35.00 $29.95
    The inner foam core is surrounded by cool gel infused memory foam.

  • $25.00 $19.95
    Contour Memory Foam Leg and Knee Support Pillows - Contour Leg Pillow - Insist on the original!

  • $29.99 $19.99
    Original Leg pillow has an inner core made from support foam instead of our memory foam.

  • $40.00 $29.95
    Under knee cushion

  • $39.95
    Inflatable Leg rest

  • $16.00 $9.99
    BodySport High Density Foam Rollers

  • $29.95 $24.95
    Jackson Roll Pillow

  • $119.95 $89.95
    Leg Lounge for Knee and Leg Elevation and Support

  • $50.00 $44.39
    Orthopedic Leg Wedges

  • $25.00 $17.95
    Green Memory Foam Contour Leg Pillow