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Contour Products Introduces New Pillows to Ease Children's Bedtime Anxieties

CHICAGO, (March 12, 2006) –Contour Products™, a leader in the ergonomics, comfort and support industry, introduced today at the 2006 Chicago International Housewares Show its newest comfort innovation, the Sunny and Luna Talking Pillows.

Designed to address children’s bedtime anxieties, the Sunny and Luna Talking Pillows provide children with a soft, cuddly friend, who with one squeeze, emits the sound of a parent’s or loved one’s voice to comfort them while they’re trying to fall asleep.

“These pillows offer a unique, fun solution for an almost universal issue every parent faces: bedtime battles with young children,” Scott Davis, president and founder of Contour Products, said.“We know how difficult and trying the bedtime routine can be for both parents and the children themselves.These pillows might just be the way to help your kids get to sleep better.”

The pillows come in two designs, a moon or a sun, that both wear a cute nighttime hat.The child squeezes the hat’s tip to hear his special someone’s voice.Each design comes with its own imaginative story that an adult can read into the pillow’s recording device.

Sunny’s story tells of the sun’s frolicking adventures during the day, while Luna’s tale takes the child on a magical moonbeam journey at night.Each story ends by telling the child that he is now tired, and asks him to close his eyes, signifying bedtime.Alternatively, an adult can choose to record the child’s own unique story, message or song.

“This product is great for out-of-town grandparents or traveling moms and dads, and can calm a child just when they need to relax the most,” Davis added.

About Contour Products

Founded in 1991, Contour Products (www.contourliving.com) is a leader in the ergonomics, comfort and support industry.Since the introduction and success of its first innovation, the Contour Pillow, the company has sold more than 20 million products in the United States and 80 other countries.Contour ProductsContour Products is headquartered in Ft.Lauderdale, FL. and has an operations facility in Charlotte, N.C.