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Kabooti Tailbone Cushion
  • Foam Tailbone Cushion
  • Kabooti Donut Inner Foam - Shown without cover
  • Large coccyx cut-out helps relive tailbone pain
  • Kabooti Donut Cushion Helps Sensitive Tailbone Areas
  • Available with black cover
  • Use in any chair or car seat
Customer Rating:
5out of 5 - based on 3 reviews

Your Tailbone will thank you!. This supportive cushion has a generous relief area for your tailbone, which raises sensitive areas above the seating surface. The ergonomic design helps provide all day comfort for the office, at home in during travel. Perfect for anyone with a tailbone injury or coccyx discomfort.

"I chipped my tail bone a couple of years ago and the pain had recently come back in a big way. I sit at a desk at a computer for 8 hours a day for work and by the 2nd hour I was in massive pain. I bought this pillow and by the 2nd day my pain was completely gone. I highly recommend this pillow for tailbone pain." ... Contour Customer

Now with a new and improved black zippered cover
Ships for just $4.99.

On Sale From $29.95
In Stock
Regular Price: $40.00 (You save $10.05)

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quantity discounts for contour products

The Donut Cushion with a Tailbone Cutout

Comfort sore and sensitive tailbone and coccyx areas with this innovative new seat cushion! The Kabooti cushion provides a complete solution to seating by combining the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, a traditional tailbone cushion and an ergonomic seat wedge cushion. The result is a discreet seat cushion which provides long term comfort for the areas you need it most.  Perfect for coccyx and tailbone injuries by elevating the sensitive areas above the seating surface.   


  • 3 Cushions in One: Tailbone Cushion | Seating Wedge | Donut Cushion
  • Large Coccyx cutout reduces tailbone pressure and provides comfort during prolonged sitting
  • Innovative lobes improve seating balance over regular donut cushion design
  • Center oval cut-out provides relief for other medical conditions including comfort for hemorrhoids and recent surgery
  • Constructed of one-piece molded support foam - designed to provide optimum support while remaining comfortable
  • Tapered front edge reduces pressure points underneath thighs and easily accommodates tables, desk and driving positions
  • Includes a stretch fabric cover with handle.  Cover is removable and machine washable
  • Dimensions: 17.5" wide x 13.5" deep; 3.25" high tapering to 1.5"; Coccyx Cutout: 3" wide; Donut Ring Cutout: 7.5" wide x 3" deep

Additional Kabooti Cushion Features

  • Tailbone cutout extends from back of cushion all the way to the center oval cutout. This provides complete comfort for sore areas and also helps improve airflow so user is cool and comfortable
  • Wedge shaped cushion features tapered design - thicker in back and narrower in front. This allows complete support where you need it (tailbone, buttocks) and less support under thighs. Especially helpful when driving or sitting at a desk. This design also helps circulation under thighs.
  • Ergonomic design helps promote proper posture by slightly tilting the pelvis forward. This maintains the spine's proper lumbar curve for low back comfort and pelvic support.
  • The cover features a double knit fabric which stretches in two ways. The cover also makes this donut discreet - no one will know it's not a traditional seat cushion!


Pain Free at last! 

Posted by Contour Living Customer Debbie C. :

"I sit in an office chair 10 hours a day in agonizing pain of my tailbone fidgeting and adjusting my booty all day long. It got so painful I was just about to go to my doctor when I was searching the web to see if I could do anything on my own when I found the Kabooti. It had good ratings and was inexpensive so I figured I'd try it. OMG what a life saver or in this case a booty saver! It really works! About the 5th day and I am pain free. Some complaints I read were that it's too hard, but think about it, you wouldn't want it soft or your behind would flatten it out and that would defeat the purpose of its support. It is just the right amount of firmness so your weight does not sink into it, it gives you good support, and your tailbone is suspended in the cut-out. Some reviews said its small but it fits nicely in an office chair and if your rear is a bit large I think the Kabooti will still support it. If you are in a lot of pain and you think you have to live with it, I recommend you try this cushion. It may help you as well as it's helped me. Also with its shape and cover, it just looks like a regular office chair seat cushion, so no embarrasment there."



Product Reviews

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  1. Good purchase

    Posted by Les on 26th Dec 2014

    Purchased for my mother, who has stenosis and arthritus, she has tried other brands, and this one works the best. Definitely would recommend purchasing this item.

  2. Eased Tailbone Pain

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2014

    I bought this for my husband who has been suffering with tailbone pain since taking a fall several years ago. He absolutely loves it. He says it makes sitting much less painful. Would highly recommend this product.

  3. rectal cancer relief

    Posted by Kathleen O'Meal on 28th May 2014

    when positioned properly on cushion, my mother reports 0 pain from pressure on coccyx area caused by large recurring colorectal tumor...ROHO cushions did not help...Kabooti works wonders..we called Cancer Centers everywhere and no one had anything other than pain meds for relief..then we found this online...nursing staff is amazed...every Cancer Center ought to know about Kabooti..ps Im a nurse...my mother is 87 years old and on hospice at home...she can still ride in cars using Kabooti

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