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Contour Living’s TravelBack® Makes Traveling with Back Support Simple, Effective & Very Affordable

CHICAGO (2007 International Home & Housewares Show) – Contour Living™, a leader in the ergonomic support and comfort industry, introduces the new patent-pending Contour TravelBack® , which gives portable, lightweight back support while traveling, at the office or at home.

The TravelBack is compact, easy-to-use and fits into even small briefcases or purses without adding much weight. Even though it’s small, users will find that the TravelBack can make a big difference in their back comfort while sitting.

Contour Living consulted with Dr. Scott Donkin, a well-known ergonomics specialist and author of “Sitting On The Job”, on the product’s design. The TravelBack has four slots to adjust the degree of lumbar support and has multiple positions. This simple solution makes a big difference in on-the-go back comfort.

“Contour Living is excited to offer the TravelBack to travelers and business professionals worldwide,” says Scott Davis, president and founder of Contour Living. “Users can simply take out the compact TravelBack, unfold it and it’s ready to go. And, it makes a remarkable difference in back comfort, especially in an office chair, in the car or on a plane.”